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"Sir, the phone"
Tony looked up as a screen appeared a few feet away. It was an unknown number. He just glanced at it, before deciding it wasn't important. Then it hit him.
"Isn't that your private number?"
Steve asked. The others seemed to gain a little life as they looked at the call as it ended. The number was danish. Not Floras, because her number was saved. But it might be someone she knows.
"Should I call them back, sir?"
F.R.I.D.A.Y asked.
The others watched in anticipation. It didn't take long before someone picked up.
"Hey, hi, hello. It's me, Nitri. Floras friend"
They all looked at each other, to see who would take the word, but before anyone could answer, Nitri continued.
"Um, so, Flora contacted me and Lena like, yesterday or something. Well, actually it was like 12 hours ago, and-"
"Wait! Flora contacted you?"
Tony said.
"How? She didn't have her phone on her. Are you sure?"
A sigh could be heard from the other side.
"Okay, listen. I'm pretty sure it was her, because it sounded like her and it was her. She called from some nowhere phone, and said that me and Lena should call you if we haven't heard from her within the next 24 hours, but we're worried y'know! She sounded a little nervous and like she was in a hurry, so we're contacting you now!"
Nitri said fast and loud. Had it been other occasions, Tony might have gotten mad that the girl talked back to him with a raised voice, but he didn't get the chance to, because the other stepped in.
"Do you know where she called from?"
Vision asked.
"She said West California. Nothing else"
"What about the number she called from?"
"Uh wait a sec"

The other exchanged a few looks again. They all wanted to say something, but were all waiting for Nitri to maybe give them another clue as to where their soulmate was. Tony found a map of the state of California. If their soulmate had called her friends without having her phone, it means she either borrowed a phone or used a pay phone. He suddenly remembered why Flora left in the first place. It was because of SHIELD. Because of Fury. This was what they had all feared when she said she wanted to join SHIELD to train and get stronger. She would be used for her uniqueness.

He looked at current missions/cases SHIELD was dealing with in California or in the nearby states. There was one mission, which caught his attention. The relocation of the Six Souls Holder, Annabella Rex. More importantly, the note said "bring agent Vulpis". Tony had never seen that code name, but they all knew that Flora loved fox symbolism as an alias. Not many recruits of SHIELD got nicknames like this. None whose name was official in the files. It must be her. The mission was set on the night of New Years. It appeared to have been going through some plan changes, but he couldn't figure out why.
"Oh! Oh my fu.. f'eing god! I nearly forgot"
Nitri said.
"Flora said she'd move towards the coast"
Something else changed on his screen, shortly after the girl said that. He almost wanted to ignore it, but he recognised the danger symbol. Someone had sent a distress message from the base meant to protect people and research the black, smoke creatures. The base was quite close to the coast.
"Tony? What's going on"
Natasha asked. She was looking from the couch. Of course she had been looking all this time.
"Wait, that's the base where the twins are"
Clint said, as he took a look.
"Flora went towards the coast"
Tony said out loud.
He looked at the map, then he ended the call.
"Let's go"


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