Lost friends

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While the twins were left alone, the rest had to go back to work. Everyone had to be at their posts and be on their guard. There hadn't been as many reported attacks or kidnappings in this area lately, and it was on the table that some of them might be moved to international bases. The reason there had been so many attacks in California, was because a lot of multi-marked lived in Los Angeles. Having more than one soulmate gave a lot of teens and young adults the impression that finding a successful career would be easier. It usually isn't, but a lot of multi-marked still come to live here. Bucky could faintly remember what it was like to feel special for having two marks. Having two soulmates isn't actually that rare when it comes down to it. It's just because of the magical powers that follow with them. Multi-marked are Uncommon, but he remembered reading somewhere that about 1 in every 1000 people had at least two marks. Steve was also one of these people. He noticed right away after they met. At first he had tried to play it off as a tattoo, but it was clear that it was a soulmark. Mainly because it was also one of his soulmarks. He wanted to tell Steve, but telling him might have done more harm than good, since he had really wanted to hide the fact that he was multi-marked. It didn't really matter anyways. Everyone else seemed to buy the whole "oh it's just a tattoo" thing, so he never bothered to tell. Now, hiding his own had not been an easy thing, but he managed it. HYDRA knew that Captain America had that weird heart shaped "tattoo", but seeing as he had the same one, just on the back, they grew suspicious. What they did with that information, he did not learn more about, before they turned him into a weapon. These kidnappings of multi-marked sorta reminded him of the evil squid marked organisation. They were fascinated with the idea of strengthening a multimarks abilities, but they never succeeded, and almost always ended up killing the test subject. If they had ever thought he was a multi-marked, they clearly gave up on that many years ago, since he was around a hundred years old, and he had shown no signs of ever being near the mate of that mark.

"Hey, agent Magnussen"
He heard a female voice say.
Agent Jones and a female agent walked up to him, and he shook her hand.
"She's here instead the Scarlet Witch"
Jones shortly informed them, before they got moving. They were going into the mountains for a patrol. SHIELD had caught a rumour that a mysterious cloud was spotted hovering over a nearby town. They walked in silence. Bucky's train of thoughts had been shortly interrupted, but had quickly found its way back on track. He glanced down at his right hand. Right now it was covered with a glove, but underneath it looked quite brutal. In an attempt to control him and make him forget, HYDRA had tried to remove his soulmark. Except you can't just remove it, because it is a part of the soul and will always grow back with the skin. They did eventually mess it up so much that they could convince him that it wasn't a soulmark, but something left by his enemy. He was pretty sure they never bothered trying to remove the one on his back. He couldn't see it anyways, and it was black, so no second mate was missing him. But there might be now. His soulmate ability from Steve, had provided him with a sharp vision. Now it was like second nature to him, to notice details out of the ordinary, and he had noticed a colourful shape on Pietro's left shoulder. A shape that had an eerie similarity to Steve's and his own second mark. It sounded absurd, but it also kinda made sense. Why else would earth's greatest heroes, all six plus two of the newer ones, suddenly decide to go on "vacation" to a small foreign country?

Bucky suddenly stopped in his tracks. He could hear footsteps further ahead. It sounded like running.
"Uh hey, agent Barnes..."
Agent Magnussen said, but he put a finger over his mouth.
An older teen came running towards him. Maybe a young adult. He looked panicked and started waving his arms when he saw them.
"Please help me! The shadows! They took my friend!"
He yelled, and nearly tripped because of the loose pebbles on the path.
"Please calm down, young man. When and where did it happen?"
Agent Jones asked, as he walked closer to the boy. He nodded to Magnussen, who made a call to the base.
"In the town about an hour ago. We were out walking.. and then..I thought she might.."
He was losing his words as he tried to breathe in, and not burst into tears.
"Is the cloud still there?"
"N-no.. it took her and disappeared into the mountains... I followed it to here, and then it disappeared"
Bucky looked up to see if there was anything in the sky, but there was nothing. Only bright blue and the sun. As much as he wanted to, there wasn't anything he could do. His main mission here was to fend off smoke creatures. The rest was up to the agents.
"We're glad you found us, kid. Come with us so you can tell us what happened, and we can find your friend"
Jones said, trying to hide his own surprise.
"What's the full name of your friend, kid?"
Magnussen yelled from behind. Her strong voice startled the boy a little.
"A-Aya, ma'am.. her name is Aya Hendrickson"

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