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It was currently night, or early morning. I had gotten a room where I could rest, but I found myself restless and had only slept for a few hours. Pietro was super excited to see me again, and we had a calm little moment where we greeted each other. After that I was questioned and put in this room. I didn't see Alex or Annabelle the rest of that day, and when I asked about them, I was just told that they were safe and that I should rest. Now I was just laying on my bed, holding the silk bag in my hands. I had completely forgotten that I had it with me. Wilhelm still had my artefact. The thoughts of me giving it to him felt like a faint and maybe even good memory.

This mission had never been good from the start, but at least it had been a quiet moment before all of this. Back then I never thought the shadow beings situation was this bad. Or had this many powerful followers. I didn't really want to think about it now. It was what kept me awake but also made me feel so exhausted. I've been fiddling with the hard plate inside of the silk bag, and now I decided to take it out and look at it. There was nothing else to do. No more excuses. I turned on the lights and sat up. The plate looked to be metallic but had no real shine to it. It didn't really look like much. All in all it kinda looked like a flat square of lead. Maybe it didn't look like anything, but my mother must have given it to me for a reason. I put it on my table and rubbed my eyes. My thoughts drifted to James, or Bucky, as Wanda called him. He was my newest soulmate and no one knew. While we drove to the base I secretly placed my hand on his right hand. I've never actually met someone who had any form of prosthetic. The question about prosthetics popped up a lot on my website. We only had a few who were amputees, and they were kind enough to answer everything they could. I hope everyone is doing okay. Except everyone isn't. Alex's words are echoing in my mind.

Are you here to help look for Aya too?

My heart began to pound faster as I unwillingly thought about it. I so desperately tried not to think about it, but my mind already knew what it meant. Aya, as a multimarked... Aya.. An emotion which I had really suppressed for the last 24 hours, was pumping through my veins. To try and calm myself down, I picked up the metal plate. The emotion was a form of anger which triggered a bunch of nerves. No matter what I thought about, it just made it worse. Made me feel more upset. But if I couldn't contain this feeling, I knew that I couldn't contain my powers. It was what made me determined to find the shadow creatures and find out what happened to my parents. What made me choose to get trained by SHIELD, and what made me push myself to my very limits. It was rage. Anger. Grief. I clutched the plate harder. I thought my whole body would explode. Everything grew so tense within me, but as I slowly opened my eyes, the room was still intact. My body wasn't burning or seeping other magical charges, though it felt like it should. No, instead of the rage from my magical abilities, the plate glowed a flaming red. The glow was in the pattern of Natashas soulmark. I was taken so back by it, that my emotions calmed a little down. Did it just absorb my magic? After a few minutes the glow went away and the metal plate went back to look like its original boring state.


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