What is going on?

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It felt like I just fell asleep when an alarm rang through the whole base. As I stepped out of my room Pietro ran up to me.
"Pietro! What's going on?"
"I'm not sure, but we have to be at the office room"
He led the way and we ran as fast as we could. I wasn't as used to running in closed corridors, and I felt a little cramped each time we turned a corner. But despite feeling like I was slowing us down, it didn't actually take much time to get there.
"If one of them is using mind control, then we need to send Miss Maximoff. Do we have other telekinetics or psychics?"
I heard a rough male voice say.
"She's not going without me"
Pietro said.
"I'm telekinetic"
I said.

There were only a few in the room and they were all wearing a uniform that told them that they were in control here.
The man who spoke right as we arrived asked a woman to his left about who I was, and she answered something with an even lower voice. She answered something about picking me up near the newest case.
"She's our soulmate"
Wanda and Pietro said at the same time. I don't know what that would do, but he nodded approvingly at me, which meant that me and Wanda could go over and investigate. Pietro stayed behind as some other people came. Right as we left and they entered I felt a small sting on my back.

"So one of them is psychic?"
I asked and she nodded.
"And a strong one. I couldn't read either of their minds"
"Well, let's hope you can block him too"
When we came to the scene, the walls had been broken down, and I saw three people standing surrounded by a few agents. They were all pointing their weapons outwards, ready to shoot anyone they saw. We hid behind a still standing wall and I tried to hear if they were saying anything.
"I got a message. The boss will send someone to get us, but I don't think you can take your ol' friend here with you"
The tallest said.
"But we can't leave her either, right? Master Calignox would have her killed. Can't you do something, Cale?"

"I can keep controlling her, that's what I can do. I can't do anything else, that's all your soulmark ability gave me"
Said Cale in a bitter voice.

I thought of what we could do. We should disarm the guards and then try and hold them down. Maybe we could throw something at the two boys to distract them.
"Do you have a plan?"
Wanda whispered.
"I think. I want you to disarm the guards, quick, something is coming"
She moved her hand and the rifles flew into the air. I pulled nearby water and threw it in their direction. Wanda pulled the controlled agents away.

The blond boy looked around and I ran to another spot. When I said something was coming, something was. The lights had been turned on now, and I could see a black cloud floating down. The boys had seen it too. They were saying something, but I was now too far away to hear it. I had to stop them.

I made the earth rumble under them and rose stone pillars to trap them in. I could see that Cale was trying to fight against it, but my earth magic was much stronger than his. Wanda walked closer, probably to try and fight the psychic power, when suddenly the black cloud shot down. It was about to surround her, but I ran over and used a powerful wind to try and blow it away. But before I could that it solidified. Or somewhat did. It was still smoky, but it assumed a figure now. A tall one.
"It's.. it's him!"
I heard Ruby say. Caleb just shushed him.

Wanda was by my side now. The creature was looking at me. It didn't have a clear indication of eyes, but I could feel it's gaze on me. Behind it the boys were trying to break out of the stone prison I had made for them, but I kept holding on. I turned my anger and hate towards these things into power.
"Ah, I knew you'd be there"
The creature said. Its voice was echoey but clear. Wanda was about to attack, but the thing simply moved a hand and she flew backwards into the base.
I screamed, but I knew that if I ran after her, I would be letting my guard down. I had to focus on it.
"Such a shame. All of it, isn't it?"
The creature said. I thought about my choices. I could try and attack too, but it would probably do the same thing it did to Wanda. Maybe I could threaten it with crushing the boys, but there was an innocent with them.
"Let's skip the small talk. Why are you here?"
I said.

It smiled. I knew it. I could feel it.
"Isn't it obvious? To get my multi-marked back. Can't have such wonderful subjects get captured"
"Says the one who captures multi-marked"
"It's a lot more complicated than that, but you want to know why, don't you? You seek to know why I am doing this. You seek that knowledge. Everyone does. My master can tell you what you seek"
It moved a little to the left, and I turned. I was clutching my fist and the stone cage became smaller.

"Don't be like that"
It said, but I knew it was amused by it.
"If there's anything I seek, I seek to know why you attacked and killed my parents"
The creature laughed. I felt it deep in my bones.
"Oh, but they aren't dead. They just disappeared from your sight"
I think something snapped in me. I was trying to keep it as cool as possible, but to be honest, I had no idea how I would face this thing professionally. I was just saying things, asking things, because that was why I started to train to begin with. So I could become strong and one day get on a mission where I could capture one of these things. I didn't imagine standing in front of one of the "high ranked" this early.

So I had asked what my whole body desired. I wanted to know about my parents death, but. They weren't dead. It could be easy to tell yourself it was just lying, but Aya disappeared in a dark cloud. Why couldn't they too?

And my mother was a multi-marked.

I yelled as I flew towards it. The earth beneath me cracked, and I felt my whole body set on fire. All I could see was a bright glow as I neared the black creature.


It's almost time for the holidays. I can't wait. Just this one week and school will be over! Gosh why did my school have to give me so many assignments for this month? Anyway, I don't know when I'll have anything ready again, but expect at least one chapter before the new year 😙

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