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Natasha felt the jab in her arm. Like someone was trying to pierce through it the exact place where Flora's soulmark was. She had felt it before. The times where her soulmate had pushed her fire powers to its very limits. But this felt different. It had never felt this painful and with such a strong feeling of despair and anger. The feeling didn't last for long but it left her shaken. This couldn't be good. What was happening to their soulmate? She rushed off to the commons room where only Clint currently was.
"You seem to be in a ru-"
"Clint! Something's happening to our soulmate!"
She half yelled.

Natasha was still clutching Flora's mark on her arm, as the others came rushing into the room. The atmosphere was now very tense, despite Visions efforts of trying to calm the others down. He understood their concern, and he did think it was odd that she just left like that, but this was... unnatural to say the least. To have such reactions over another person. Granted, Flora was very dear to them, seeing as she was all of their soulmates, but she had been gone for less than 48 hours. With all the training she had gotten these past 3 months and with her unnaturally string magic, she should be more than capable of protecting herself. Even if she wanted to keep her marks a secret.
Before anyone could say a thing, he spoke, trying to evaluate the situation and calm down the others.
"You felt her magical pull, correct?2
The Russian nodded.
"Yes, but this time it was much more powerful. It was like a moment of anger, where I could have exploded into a million flames"
"She must have used a lot of magic ergo she must be in danger"
Tony said.

As Vision looked around the others were looking away, but definitely all agreed on that statement.
"She's a strong girl.."
Natasha said quietly.
"Does it still hurt?"
He asked. She shook her head and slowly removed her hand from the mark. Everyone was silent for a few moments. It was clear what they were thinking. "What could they do to help her?" or "how could they find her?" SHIELD would obviously not tell them, which was infuriating to them. Steve thought it was absurd. To purposely keep away info about one's soulmate.

"Should we.."
Clint mumbled.
"Call the twins? No. They're probably even more ready to commit crimes, and we've seen their combined power. I'm pretty sure they'd destroy most of SHIELD if we told them"
Tony said.
"But wouldn't we be doing what Fury did to us? Withhold information about our soulmate?"
Steve asked. Tony gave him a long stare and before he said anything Clint answered:
"The information withheld from us was because Fury knew we would freak out about it.. and we did.. the twins were already very upset when I told them. They'll rip everything apart to find her"
As hard as it was to think about, they had to go double standards again. But this was certainly for the better. The twins' powers were unmatched, especially Wanda, who, if angered enough, could possibly move mountains.

"well, now that that's out, any more questions?"
Tony said and looked around.
"What should we do now?"
Thor asked.
"We'll search for her of course, I just-"
"Tony, please"
Natasha put her hands on her head. She looked tired but had sounded more annoyed.
"What, don't you-"
Before he could finish his sentence Clint cut him off.
"We all want to find her, but if we actually look at the situation and all, we're acting pretty weird. Yes, she's our soulmate, but we have seen her power. And I know SHIELD hid her disappearance from us, but we also know that she is now a vital and strong part of them that they can't afford to lose"
Vision was a little surprised that the two agents were so quick to acknowledge their overreaction.
"He's right"
Bruce said.
"If she was truly threatened, the threat would mean a big emergency"
Tony fell back onto a couch. He flattened out like a balloon and let out a frustrated groan.
"So we're not searching for her?"
Thor asked, confused.
"We're not. Not right now"
"But if any of us feel her use a lot of her magic, I will dig into it"
Tony said.
"I agree"
Steve said.

They just sat in silence for a little longer. Everyone was so deep in thought that the sound of the ring tone was nearly ignored, had it not been for F.R.I.D.A.Y, who was always there to inform.


Ahahahahaha the Avengers are back in the picture lol. It's been forever since we've seen them, I'm sorry for that, but I wanted to focus on Flora and then I went on hiatus for the summer..

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