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Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Sophie had a pounding headache and her eyes were burning from no sleep, but she stayed where she was. She had to be there when Keefe woke up, even if it meant letting go of herself for a while. It had been about a week since the battle and Keefe had barely even moved in his sleep. It was the worst week of Sophie's life. The days had melted into each other, and the only way she had kept track of time was when the sun dipped below the horizon, the only thought in her head as Sophie watched was another day without him. Without his laugh. His jokes. She had rested maybe twice, and that was only when Edaline and Elwin made a team effort to hold her down and force feed her sedatives. The rest of their friends came and went, mostly stopping by for only days at a time, and that was at most. Sophie didn't blame them, she knew Forkle was pressing everyone to work on his new plan. She was always there, though. Making sure Keefe would have someone to wake up to, bedsides Elwin.
"Please," she whispered, her voice raw from not talking for so long "please, just open your eyes" everyone had a different tactic with Keefe. Fitz bribed, Ro threatened, Biana promised things, and Sophie pleaded. None of it had worked. Elwin had tried giving him different elixirs at first, trying different remedies and mixes, but finally he decided that the best option was to let whatever was happening to run its course, and just tried to keep his vitals steady and him hydrated. Sophie hated the plan, she always thought he could do something more, but gave up fighting after a while. So all she could do for now was sit, and wait, and think, over and over: wake up, wake up, wake up.

It had been another week. Another whole week without him. "Sophie?" Someone said her name weakly, then cleared their throat "Sophie?" They tried again. She recognized the voice. It was a young man, someone she knew, she was close with. "Sophie?" It asked again. She opened her eyes, she was in the middle of a clearing. She looked around, hearing the voice from everywhere, like it was many voices overlapping. Finally it all melted down to a single one, coming to her right. She ran for it, through trees and brambles and plants, all clawing at her. But she kept going, determined to find the source of the voice. She ran, fast and hard, her footsteps beneath her a steady rhythm keeping her pace. Her lungs burned, but she kept going, pushing herself. Her foot misstepped, and she felt herself swing to the ground. She closed her eyes for impact, but it never came. She opened her eyes, and all she saw was black. She was floating, like that little kids book she read once about the girl and the rabbit hole. No. This was too fast for floating. She was falling, and she had no idea where. She tried to scream, but instead that familiar voice rang out around her "Sophie, it's okay" a breeze of light blue became solid beneath her, and she started floating up, out of the darkness.
She woke with a start, and a crook in her neck welcomed her back to the healing center, reminding her that she was asleep in a really uncomfortable armchair. She sat up, stretching and yawning, not quite ready to open her eyes.
"Bad dream?" A voice asked, probably Elwin
"Yeah, but I'm okay" she said, opening her eyes, trying to rub the sleep away
"At least you're okay" Elwin told her. She opened her eyes fully about to agree when she saw who she was talking to. It wasn't the physician who's voice she had heard, but one she had been hopping to hear for weeks.
"Keefe?" She whispered, afraid if she made a sudden movement or talked to loud he would disappear like an illusion
"The one and only. Miss me, foster?" He held out his arms for a hug, and she leaned forward, melting into him
"More then you could ever know" she whispered, not really sure if he could hear her. She felt tears burn behind her eyes, and she tried to blink them back. A wolf whistle made both of them turn, and Sophie remembered the bright purple haired bodyguard that always accompanied her at Keefe's side
"Foster-Keefe for the win!" Ro called, clapping. At all the noise Elwin came in, taking a look at the scene and immediately turning around, grabbing the huge satchel he had stuffed for when Keefe woke up
"Feeling alright? Pain anywhere? Any new abilities? Head feeling fuzzy? grogginess? Do you remember what happened?" Elwin overloaded the blond with questions, making a ball of light for every color under the sun, illuminating every part of his body
"I think what Mr. Pterodactyl is trying to say is" Ro referred to Elwin's jerkin, taking a deep breath before the next part of her sentence "do you remember how STUPID YOU ARE?" Ro roared at Keefe, making him jump
"Yes...." he shrunk into himself, avoiding her gaze that was fill with more anger then Sophie had even seen
"Ok, ok. As stupid as Keefe was, now is not the time for this lovely conversation. If you can't keep it under control, I won't hesitate to sedate you or send you into the hallway, got it?" Elwin leveled her with a glare, challenging her to fight him. She didn't, Instead sitting with a huff "now, where was I?"

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