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Sophie sat under callas tree, talking and laughing with Keefe. He had been coming over more often, now that they were dating. Edaline and Grady didn't know, so they covered by saying he was tutoring her. Even if people didn't give him credit, when Keefe tried, he was really smart. Sophie giggled at something he said, smacking his shoulder playfully.   He nudged her back, and soon they were rolling down the small hill together, laughing. Once they had stopped, Sophie was under Keefe, her arms above her head with his hand gently keeping them there
"Looks like I win" he smirked
"Have you decided on a prize?" Sophie asked
"I think so" Keefe leaned down, but hesitated right as their noses touched. Sophie nodded, letting him know she was okay with it. He smiled, understanding. Right as their  lips were about to touch a throat cleared next to them. Both of there heads snapped up, Sophie fearing it was Grady. The elf standing there was just as bad. Fitz cleared his throat again, adjusting his cape awkwardly, while Keefe casually climbed from on top of Sophie and sat next to her, whispering how she owed him a kiss later. Fitz opened his mouth, but a ringing came out instead of words
"Fitz, are you okay" Sophie asked, getting up and taking a cautious step forward. Fitz eyebrows scrunched, as if not believing that Sophie hadn't understood him. He opened his mouth, and the same sound came out.

Sophie woke with a jolt, her imparter buzzing angrily on her bedside table. She untangled herself from the blankets, cursing that it was all a dream.
Keefe sencen flashed across the screen once she picked up the small square, and she immediately tried to finger-comb her hair before answering
"Hey" Keefe scratched the back of his head his, obviously nervous
"Hey?" Sophie asked
"Ok..so" Keefe started, took a deep breath, then tried again "this morning I was messing around, you know? I've been testing myself outside of school for new abilities. Do you know how embarrassing it is for my to be in ability detecting with a bunch of first and second years at school? Stupid Leto makes me go. Anyway, I was messing around, and I realized.... you know what this'll be easier to show you" Keefe seemed to set down his imparter and took a step back from the screen. His face scrunched in concentration for a long moment before he snapped his fingers, a goblin throwing star popping out of the air above his hand and falling into his palm.
"Keefe..... you're a conjurer! That's amazing!" Sophie sat up more, smiling
"There's one more thing" Keefe told her
"Okay" Sophie said
"You're really pretty"  he blushed as he said it, and his voice sounded different.
"Thanks, but why does that matter?" Sophie tugged on a strand of hair, wishing she could hide behind it because of hard hard she was blushing
"What are you two saying?" Ro asked off screen. Sophie's eyes widened as she realized Keefe had spoken English, and she had subconsciously slipped back into it as well
"No way! Two abilities?" Sophie asked
"Just kidding. I've been teaching myself English, just for future black swan missions and stuff. Not a polygot, unfortunately. We could have spoken in some weird language to confuse other people" Keefe said, smirking
"That's still amazing, though" Sophie insisted. Keefe didn't say anything for a moment, then asked
"Can I come over?"

Keefe wanted her to be there when he called forkle, so she had held his hand as he told him. Forkle started mumbling about training and practice before ending the call, and Keefe looked like a nervous wreck when the imparter went blank.
"You're really cute" Sophie told him, in English. Keefe looked at her funny, trying to translate in his head.
"You're cuter" he promised, already smiling
"I don't think so. You're hard to beat" Sophie said
"Hey, you know how what you said Fitzy and blondie were flirting when they had telepathic conversations? I'm saying the same when you two talk in human" Ro told him
"You'd be right" Keefe told her, switching back to enlightened language. Sophie blushed and nudged him, scrunching her face to try and tease him. He just nudged her back, so she did the same. Eventually, Sophie full on tried to push him off the hill, but he had grabbed her wrist and took her down the small hill with him, them laughing the whole way down. Once they had landed, Sophie's back was on the ground, and Keefe was sitting so that one knee was on each side of her, almost exactly like her dream
"Looks like I win" Keefe smirked
"Oh, yeah?" Sophie out her hands on his shoulders, flipping them over so she was in top "I think I win!" She said, gently pinning his hands above his head
"Well looks like you get a prize. So, What'll it be foster?" He asked
"I have an idea...." she leaned forward, resting her forehead on his for a second. They looked each other in the eye, and Keefe nodded. She leaned down a little more, and when there lips were a hairs breath away
"Sophie" a deep voice from beside them spoke. Sophie jumped, landing on her back next to Keefe. She sat up, looking at the figure.
"Tam!" Sophie exclaimed, almost jumping up and down when it wasn't Fitz or her parents.
"Yeah, Hi. Didn't mean to interrupt.." he trailed off
"You didn't" Sophie told him, at the same time Keefe said
"You definitely did" she shot him a glare before turning back to Tam
"But Tiergan said that Forkle wanted to meet with all of us. Said it was important, something to do with him" Tam pointed at Keefe, shrugging
"Ok, I just need to go tell Grady and Edaline" she said, standing and bushing bits of grass off her pants
"I'll wait for her, so we can teleport together. Let me guess? It's at everglen?" Keefe asked, and Tam nodded
"As much fun as hurling myself off a cliff sounds, I'll meet you there" Tam pulled out a pathfinder he had most likely taken from tiergan, and let the light sweep him away
"Well," Keefe said, standing as well "this should be fun"

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