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Sophie clutched Grady's hand as they walked through the streets of Atlantis. She tugged at her cape, wishing she didn't have to wear it. It was suffocating her. Or maybe that was because no matter how hard she tried to keep it away, the memory of the last time she was in Atlantis with Grady on business like this kept resurfacing in her mind.

Sophie Elizabeth foster is unmatchable

Burned under her eyelids every time she blinked. Sophie kept having to reminder herself that Keefe told her he didn't care. That they could cross that bridge when they got there. That it wouldn't end the world is she was a bad match. Although, with her luck and accident prone ways. . . It just might. She shoved the thought of her brain
Keefe is not Fitz. He isn't going to break up with you because of match making. She reappeared the words in her mind as Grady pushed open the door on the office, and flashed Sophie an excited grin. She tried to match his energy, but she could feel herself fail. She tried to hype herself up. This was a big day for most elves! But as Grady led her up to the front desk and told the receptionist her name, all she could think of is how the iPad if the young woman's hand was identical to the one that had changed her life. Sophie zoned out slightly as the women congratulated her and slipped into the back office, coming back out with a sleek, long, black box. The silver letters on the side gleamed Sophie's name

Sophie Elizabeth Foster
That's your name she told herself, blocking images of Fitz yelling at her from her mind. Sophie simply went through the motions as Grady led her out through the bubble wand, and back to Havenfeild. She thanked Grady, and immediately went to her room, tossing the box on her desk and going to change. Once she had gotten into the softest leggings she could find, she rummaged around, flipping through hangers to find what she wanted
"Gotcha" she mumbled as she pulled the jerkin off the hanger, changing into it. The ice blue embroidered shirt still smelled faintly of Keefe, and it was large and comfortable, perfect to help with all the emotions running through her. She curled up under her blanket, hugged Ella tightly to her chest, and closed the curtains. She pulled her shirt over her nose, trying to envelop herself in the nice memory of that night, and eventually it helped her drift off to sleep.

Sophie was semi-conscious as a cool ice blue wave breezed  through her mind. She grabbed the wave, happy that her dream was so vivid. It felt just like when Keefe would calm her down. She clinged to the feeling, letting herself feel happy before she had to wake up and face the day. Her eyes fluttered open when she felt a light kiss on her forehead, expecting to see her adopted mom when her room slowly came into focus. Instead, ice blue eyes met hers, and she sat bolt up right
"Keefe?!" She asked, pulling up the blanket to hide herself and Ella. She didn't mind being woke up like that- it was wonderful, really- but how did he get in her room?
"The one and only. Nice jerkin, by the way," he told her, winking. She glanced down and remembered she had put on his stolen shirt the night before, blushing
"How did you get in?" She asked, tugging out an eyelash
"I'm magic," he said
"Fine. Surprisingly, this was Edaline's idea. Said you were having a rough time since last night," Keefe told her "though I don't think she thought you'd still be asleep when she sent me up,"
"Wait, why?" Sophie clapped once, and her curtains slowly opened, reveling that the sun was already high in the sky "oh," a growl came from the doorway, and Sophie looked over to see Sandor glaring at them. Sophie suddenly realized that Keefe was insanely close to her, their sides pressed together with one of his arms on her pillow, practically wrapped around her shoulders. She shoved Keefe off and onto the floor, and he landed with a heavy thud.
"Wow, that hurts, Foster. In more ways then one" he sat up and made a show of rubbing his arm "but really. Are you doing okay?"
"Well. . . Me and Grady went to Atlantis and we had to go to this office to pick something up for me. It was right near the matchmaking center and I just kept remembering. . . Well, everything," Sophie pointed to her desk before Keefe could ask what they picked up. He went over and grabbed the black box, opening it.
"Woah, Sophie! You got your own pathfinder!" Keefe exclaimed
"Yeah, Elwin said I could for a long time, but I don't know. Never got around to it I guess," Sophie shrugged
"This is awesome!" Keefe said
"Not really, everyone gets one once they get their nexus off. Wait, why don't you have one?" Sophie asked
"Father says I'm not responsible enough for one yet and I'll get it when 'I start living up to my potential and act like a mature, trust worthy sencen man' or whatever" Keefe laughed, but it sounded bitter
"Hey, you're amazing. If your dad can't see that, then he's blind," Sophie told him. Keefe mumbled his agreement, adding
"We have to go try it out! It could help take your mind off of other stuff, too," He said before she could say anything more about his dad. She put a mental bookmark in and promised herself she'd come back to it later. For now. . .
"Let's go test this thing out!" She grinned

After telling Edaline and Grady what they were doing, Sophie and Keefe made their way out to the pastures, Sandor and Ro trailing behind.
"So, where do we want to go?" Sophie asked
"How about Mysterium? We could visit Dex. Or just browse some awesome elixirs" Keefe suggested. Sophie agreed, looking down at the clear crystal. . . And suddenly realized there was a lot of faucets and that she had no idea where any of them went. She told Keefe, who just smiled wider
"Perfect! Then let's just pick at random. Even more fun," he told her
"I don't know. What if you leap somewhere dangerous?" Sandor asked
"We'll be within the lost cities. Plus you and Ro are coming," Sophie pointed out
"Fine," Sandor growled, awkwardly grabbing hands with Ro and then Keefe. They all watched as she spun around the crystal, latching it into place and holding it up to the light. She grabbed Keefe's hand, and moved her foot towards the light when
"Wait!" Sandor released Keefe's hand for a moment to check for something in his pocket, but a moment was enough. Sophie's momentum kept her foot going towards the beam, and her and Keefe where whisked away by the light, without their body guards.

"Oh, no. We should get back before Sandor freaks," Sophie said as soon as they glittered into view. She stashed the pathfinder into her pocket and started pulling out her home crystal when she stopped to take in her surroundings. It was a fairly bare area as far as the eye could see. It consisted entirely of short, half-way-to-dead grass broken up by some large boulders and a few small trees. She didn't recognize the place, and no one else was around to ask where they were
"This place if creepy," Keefe commented, still holding on tight to Sophie's hand
"Yeah," she mumbled. Her eyes caught some movement, and it made her stop dead in her tracks, and she fumbled, dropping her home crystal on the ground. It looked just like. . . Nothing. It's nothing, Sophie. She told herself, bending over to grab the chain.
"Let's get back before Sandor gets too worried," Sophie said
"Yes, we wouldn't want anyone worrying," a voice rang through the clearing, making Sophie's blood run cold. Her mouth went dry as she tried to swallow. They found us, was Sophie's only thought as three cloaked figures stepped into their line of sight.

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