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"Today's the day! Today's the day!" Keefe had been repeating the same sentence since as early as Sophie could remember, bouncing up and down on his cot. He had every right to be exited, though, and Sophie found herself getting happy with him, and even enjoying his humming that seemed to never stop. After a long week of not getting up, elixirs every three hours, and so many card games it was ridiculous, Elwin had finally announced that Keefe could leave the healing center. He would have to stay with the Vackers, which Keefe's dad was less then happy about. Keefe, on the other hand, could hardly contain his excitement. More people around, friends to support him and a couple other 'boring doctors reasons' (as Keefe had called them) got Cassius off his and Elwin's back. it was finally noon, and Elwin was giving Keefe one last check before he could be released. Sophie watched along with all of the Vackers and Edaline, keeping a good amount of space from Fitz. Even if they had made up, she didn't feel very comfortable around him with Keefe in the room. Instead she sat next to Biana, who looked thoughtful and interested, even though she was starting blankly at a wall with quite literally nothing on it. She did shoot the occasional glance at Sophie, who hardly noticed with how wrapped up in Keefe's examination she was. The silence was charged, everyone waiting for the final diagnosis.
"Alright!" Everyone jumped as Elwin suddenly yelled and clapped his hands, jumping up from his chair and looking at them each in turn "so here's the thing.... I'm very sorry to say this Keefe, but" he took a deep breath, taking of his large multi colored glasses to look Keefe in the eye "goodbye, man. I'm going to miss having you around the healing center, you've been quite the patient" Elwin said, a sad look on his face. It took everyone a second to process his words, and when Keefe did he jumped up off his bed and pumped his arms in the air
"I can leave!" Keefe yelled, almost whooping from joy "no offense, doctor" Keefe added as an afterthought. He ran over to Sophie, his blanket flapping behind him like a superhero cape. He hugged her, wrapping his arms gently around her, the blanket cocooning them both. She froze for a second, blushing, before gingerly wrapping her arms around him too
"Thank you" he whispered "thank you so so much for all the days and nights you spent with me, even if I was only awake for a fraction on them. But you seriously need to take care of yourself now, foster. I'm ok, and no offense, but you look like you need a long hot shower and a good nights sleep" she giggled, feeling the threat of tears sting behind her eyes, whispering back
"No problem. And I think those sound nice, but I'm still going to worry about you. And I'd best be one of the first people you tell if and when you manifest a new ability, got it?" She told him in as stern of a voice as she could muster. Keefe broke away, saluting her and nodding. She giggled again, but cut herself short as she noticed Fitz glaring at them silently.
"Alright, can I please go to Everglen and play some basequest? My legs are itching to do something" he announced, mostly asking Alden and Elwin.
"Sure" Alden told him "as long as it's ok with the doter"
"Touch, not tackle, and don't push yourself to hard. Besides that, you'll be fine. Now remember, you're still on medication and you need a goods night sleep each night. Don't overestimate your strength, and don't over exert yourself" Elwin told him in his all-business-stern-physician voice
"Yessir" Keefe told him, mimicking his tone.
"Alright, you can go now" Elwin told him
"Yes! Remember what I told you, foster!" Keefe ran out the door still barefoot and with nothing but his pajamas and gulon blanket, it flapping behind him as he sprinted down the hallway and to the leapmaster. Thank goodness it was after hours for foxfire.
Alden sighed "I suppose I'll grab his bag.." everyone filed out behind him after grabbing the small satchel of things Keefe had asked for while he was in the healing center. Sophie watched them go, still slightly in shock that Keefe was totally okay. She jumped lightly when she felt a small hand touch her shoulder gently
"Let's go home" Edaline told her. Sophie nodded, grabbing the few things she had scattered around the room and moving back to Edaline's side, grabbing her hand and walking down the hall to the leapmaster. Keefe was okay, She reminded herself, but it didn't do anything to sooth the weird swirly feeling in her stomach she'd had since Keefe hugged her.

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