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"Sophie's on my team!" Biana, Keefe, and Fitz all said in unison when they had finally decided on playing basequest.
"Um" Sophie said noncommittally. They immediately broke out into a mini-argument over who would be with who, everyone giving reasons Sophie should be on their team
"I'm her best Friend!" Biana pointed out
"No, I am!" Keefe said, putting his hands on his hips. They both looked at Sophie
"Sorry, that's Dex" she shrugged, and even though they had drifted apart a little recently, team valiant had gotten them back in touch. Plus, they promised.
"Well Dex isn't here, so you'll have to choose one of us!" Fitz said, and at that all three of them turned their full attention on her
"Ok, well, uhh" Sophie grasped for the first name that came to mind "uh, Keefe!" She said, pointing at him. Keefe looked smug, Biana looked hurt, and Fitz looked agitated. Sophie tried to shrug it off as Keefe joined her at her side. "How about no abilities for a more fair game?" She tried to suggest
"Uh uh, no way. I'm not getting on your team just to have a fair game. Not saying you're not enough" Keefe winked at her " just that I'd also like to win"
"Fine. It's kinda fair, since you guys have a better understanding of the property?" Sophie tried, shrugging when both Biana and Fitz glared at her
"Alright, we have two minutes to find a base starting in three two now!" Keefe grabbed Sophie's wrist and took off in a sprint, obviously the most eager to get playing. Once they got out of sight from Biana and Fitz, Keefe slowed their pace to a jog, reluctantly letting go of Sophie's wrist. "What about that big tree over there?" Keefe asked, pointing to a large weeping willow looking tree with a dark braided trunk and large leaves the color of a fiery sunset orange.
"Sure" Sophie agreed, changing her direction to trot over to their new base. Sophie leaned on the trunk slightly just to catch her breath, her body temperature rapidly decreasing now that she had stopped running. She shivered lightly and wrapped her arms around herself, not sure why the Vacker estate had suddenly become so cold.
"You cold?" Keefe asked, concern in his voice. He noticed a voice noted in the back of her mind
"Just a little chilly. I'll be alright" she had barely finished the sentence by the time Keefe had unclasped his cape and wrapped it around her shoulders, and it was already clipped in place before she could protest
"I'll go patrol, you stay here and be guard. Hopefully we can catch them" Keefe started to power walk away, but just before the tree line he turned back to say "the Sencen crest looks good on you, by the way" He shot her a wink before disappearing into the wild to go find Biana and Fitz, and Sophie was thankful for that, just so he couldn't see her tomato red cheeks. She could blame it on the cold if Biana or Fitz came near her.

Circles. Circles. Circles. Sophie had been walking them around the tree thinking about everything and nothing when a large crash and a startled yell snapped for out of her thoughts. She turned to where the sound had come from, and through the dense wood line she heard someone shout something. She didn't hear them, so she concentrated  on stretching her mind out to find them. She found Keefe and Fitz first, one right after the other. Keefe was closing in, and they still had quite away to get to the tree. She let Keefe take care of him, instead focusing her attention on finding Biana. Once she did she immediately ran around to the other side of the tree, grabbing the brunettes arm before she even had a chance
"No fair" she complained, looking longingly at the tree only 25 ft away
"Fair. You're the one who suggested basequest. 'We haven't played it in forever!'" Sophie mocked, finally dropping her arm. Biana didn't respond, instead just rolling her eyes, so Sophie took the chance to check on Keefe and Fitz. Closer, closer and
"Got him!" Sophie yelled, pumping her fists in the air, right as the two boys stumbled into the clearing, Keefe still having Fitz by the arm. Both of them bent down to catch there breath, and Biana whispered into Sophie's ear
"spending a lot of time with Keefe, I see" she didn't wait for Sophie to try and deny it, instead running over to Fitz to complain about their loss.

On the way back from the clearing Sophie and Keefe had lagged behind, leaving them separate from Fitz and Biana as they walked back to the mansion. Sophie kept sneaking glances at Keefe, and after the third or forth time she noticed a twig poking out of his perfectly styled hair. 
"Keefe, hold on a second" she put a hand on his arm to stop him, and she stood up on her tip-toes to grab the sprig out. "This was in your hair" she told him, holding it between them before tossing it to the ground. When she looked back Keefe was suddenly a whole lot closer, leaning down a little at a time
"Thanks, foster" he whispered, leaning down even more. Just as their foreheads were about to touch Fitz yelled from in front of them
"Come on guys! I'm pretty sure mom made cinnacream for when we get back" and waved them along, either annoyingly oblivious or an evil genius. Sophie blushed madly and stepped away from Keefe, stumbling a bit before righting herself
"Coming!" She called back, starting to walk once again, Keefe behind her. The whole walk back and even in the house Keefe didn't make another move to get his cape back. Because that's what he did the first time. Tried to take his cape. This same voice also kept repeating you don't like him. You don't like him. Eventually, Sophie told it to shut up.

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