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Sophie fidgeted with her cape in the mirror for what had to be the thirtieth time, trying to talk to herself into going to Everglen one more time. She glanced over her simple red tunic and black leggings, made sure her hair was in place with the small gold pins that matched the eyelets on her boots. She looked fine. She didn't know why it was such a big deal. Fitz and her where fine, and Its not like she liked him anymore. He kinda made sure of that when he tried to control her actions and make him tell her something private that she insisted he couldn't know. In fact, she had wanted to go, having gone a bit stir crazy about halfway through her second day back at home, wanting to she her friends and do something. It also didn't hurt that she got to see Keefe. See how Keefe was doing, she corrected herself.
"You look like you haven't slept in over a fortnight" Virtinas tiny voice told her, cutting through her thoughts
"I noticed" Sophie said, touching the heavy bags under her eyes
"You know I saw that Edaline bought you some makeup. You should t-" Sophie stepped out of range, seriously not in the mood for makeup advice. Fidgeting with her cape once more, she slowly made her way to her door and down the stairs to the cliff, Sandor trailing behind her patiently. She had to teleport because she didn't tell anyone she was coming. Once she had gotten outside the house she had shaken the majority of her nerves, and once she was making her way to dining room where she had heard voices, she was feeling good. Still jumpy, though, proven when she nearly screamed after hearing a bathroom door open behind her, even though no one was there. Sophie shrugged and kept walking, and she had just talked herself into thinking it was the wind when she felt a hand on her wrist. Before she could scream an invisible hand slapped itself over her mouth, and she felt herself get pressed against the wall. She swung her leg to try and kick her attacker when Biana appeared in front of her, a serious expression on her face.
"I'm going to take my hand off now, and you're not going to scream" Biana told her. Sophie nodded, utterly confused and wanting to see where this was going
"Why didn't you tell me? And why didn't you fight her off? Why aren't you fighting her off right now?" Sophie hissed at Sandor, knowing he has sensed her as soon as she was anywhere near them
"Wanted to know what she wanted" Sandor shrugged, unconcerned
"Sandor, dear, would you leave us for just a moment?" Biana asked him, her eyes still on Sophie
"I go where she goes. Secrets hinder my ability to protect her" Sandor told Biana, and made no move to give them privacy
"I don't think you want to hear this" she told him. When he didn't move once again, she sighed and motioned him to come closer. Still making sure Sophie could move off the wall, she whispered something into Sandors ear. His face scrunched and he nodded before moving away and going out of earshot down the hall
"You're not supposed to leave me!" Sophie whisper-called down the hall, still trying to keep quite. Once she realized she wasn't going to win this one, she asked "What do you want, let's just get this over with"
"You like him" she said, not even a question
"Fitz? We just broke up! And I was the once who broke up with him" Sophie defended herself
"Nope" Biana said, shaking her head lightly, her shiny hair falling around her face. Sophie thought, and thought a little more, wondering who she meant
"Wait, Keefe?" She asked
"Congratulations! You're the last to know. Well, except Keefe. Both of you are so oblivious that you like each other." Biana said, sounding like Sophie had just won the lottery
"Keefe likes me?" She asked, blushing furiously "wait, that's not the point! I don't like him"
"Oh, you totally do. Look at the blush" Biana pointed at her check
"That's not fair! I always blush" Sophie stomped for foot
"Yeah, that's true. But you definitely like him. The way you look at him, and joke. blush the same. Like, when... when you liked Fitz, it's the same blush" Biana said cautiously, almost like she was realizing how crazy she sounded
"What do you mean blush the same? Bi, you're not making any sense" Sophie said, finally trying to squirm out from under her
"Like, at the same time, and about the same stuff" Biana pressed
"I do not! I- I don't think Keefe. He's- I...." Sophie trailed off she didn't like him, did she? "I just don't!" She finished, finally able to wiggle from Bianas grasp and duck under her arm "now can I please go say hi to everyone?" She asked, still blushing
"Fine, but this is not over" Biana told her, slightly flustered that she was wrong "let's go. No hard feelings, right?" She asked
"No! Course not. And if I do like anyone, you'll be the first to know, promise" Sophie assured her, and actually meant the words. The girls walked down the hallway together and into the dining room where everyone sat for lunch
"Finally! What took you so long bi-" Keefe cut himself off as he looked over at the doorway and saw Sophie with her "foster, nice to see ya. I'm assuming this is why you took so long?" Keefe asked again. Sophie kept looking at him as he patted the back of his head and looked down at himself
"Yup. Found her in the hallway, and wanted to talk about something before we were in front of prying ears" Biana said, shooting a look at Keefe and Fitz
"What did I do?" Fitz asked, raising a hand innocently "also, hey Sophie"
"Hi" she greeted everyone, sitting down between Della and Biana.
Della placed a plate In front of her and told her to take what she'd like off the table. A comfortable chatter started around her, enveloping the table in a happy and warm family feel. Sophie smiled as she snacked on a random fruit she had found, wondering why she was ever nervous to come over.

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