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Get ready to hate me y'all! Sooo. I'm an awful author and I feel awful, but here it is. I... most likely won't be doing anything more then one shots of KOTLC anymore. I feel like I've grown a lot as a person since I've started writing this, and even more   since I've started the KOTLC series. I actually haven't even read unlocked yet, because honestly? I've noticed a LOT of bad things about the books. Now I'm not discouraging anyone else from reading them, but these are my personal problems with Shannon and the books:

-There's a huge lack of representation, both with the LGBTQIA+ community and people of color. Being pansexual myself I just really wish there was literally any representation. I know there's a lot of "arguments" about why there shouldn't be LGBTQIA+ representation in this series, but the bottom line is it's still a problem.
-The Laura Hollingsworth issue. If you don't know about this please look more into it, but the basic idea is that one of the main artists for keeper is very homophobic, going as far as to block and harass LGBTQIA+ accounts for no other reason other then they're part of the community
- I feel like Shannon bit off a LOT more then she could chew. There's so many side plots, information gaps and questions that I feel like I'll never be able to get all the answers I need in the next book
-There's no clear, one plot line that makes sense. Now, I know I have this problem, too, but that's also because I'm a amateur author and don't take the time to outline a plot or storyline. That's a big difference to a published author.
-I don't like how she uses Fitz. Now I know there's a lot of unwarranted Fitz hate, but this is genuine concern. Fitz is the only one who has a huge chunk of his character be very obvious metal health issues, that being anger issues. As someone who has struggled with anger issues for my whole life, is really bugs me how she's presented him and how little he's grown as a person. It makes it seem like Fitz's anger issues will always be there and always hold him back, when it shouldn't be the case.

That was just some food for thought and my biggest personal issues with the books, and those where just the ones off the top of my head. I might still write stuff, such as original writing, one shots, or fanfic from other books. I'm always open to suggestions, but I know for sure that I won't be continuing this book. I'm sorry, but I hope you guys understand. Have a wonderful day my lovelies, and make sure to take care of yourselves!

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