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Two words. Two of the best and worst words Sophie had ever heard
"Bed rest" Elwin had sentenced Keefe to at least a week of it, and that was if everything went perfect. That was four days ago.
"Go fish!" Now, on the other hand was now. And right now, Keefe and Sophie were playing go fish, one of the many human games Sophie had taught him over these long for days. She didn't mind though, because Keefe was awake, and almost back to his old self. Sophie drew a card, sliding it into her hand next to the other eights she had.
"Your turn" she reminded him
"Hmmm, got any sevens?" Fun, adorable fact about Keefe. When he played games, he got into them. He was also a pretty sore loser, which is why Sophie always went easy on him. Sophie sighed and handed them over, to which Keefe immediately slapped his set on the small table in front of him "and with that" he paused for dramatic effect "I win!" He held up his hands from beneath the table, showing Sophie his lack of cards. Her eyes shifted to the table, which revealed that he had won, in a very sad score of nine to one
"Dang it! I actually tried that time!" Sophie slapped her cards on the table too, them spilling over the game and showing what she had left
"It's okay, foster. We all know you get distracted by my handsomeness" Ro snorted from the corner where she was polishing her weapons
"You know, with all this time you're spending together, it seems like the perfect time for some secrets. Don't you think, Keefe?" She asked, lifting up her throwing star and inspecting it
"Couldn't agree more, actually" Keefe leveled her with a glare almost as icy as his eyes "Sophie, I have something to tell you. You know how your favorite color is teal?" She blushed and nodded, even if she wasn't sure that was the case anymore "well mines gold" he sat up a little straighter, swiping the cards into a pile and shuffling them, not quite looking at her
"Um, cool? Play again?" She asked, honestly really confused as to why he thought that mattered. It was good to know though, for future reference.
"Smoooooth, hunckyhair. Smooth" Ro said, returning her focus to her pile of daggers and swords, mumbling something under her breath.

Sophie's feet aced, but she kept walking. She went from shop to shop, the small bag she had brought with her digging in to bare arm. Yet another reason to hate dresses, specifically short sleeve ones.
"Please remind me what we're doing here again?" Sandor asked. Sophie jumped, forgetting he was there. He was almost always out training with the rest of the group while Sophie stayed with Keefe. He decided it was safe enough in a busy school and with Ro, so she could stay without him.
"Shopping" Sophie told him simply
"For what?" Sophie's eyes scanned the windows as she opened her mouth to say she didn't know. Instead, she stopped walking, her legs automatically moving to the window of a small shop, her face getting so close her nose squished against the glass. She pointed at the display in the window "that" she whispered

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