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Have you even just known something? You don't necessarily talk it out with yourself or someone else, but eventually you just start talking about something and know it's true. That's how it was when Sophie finally came to terms with the fact that she liked Keefe sencen. And how it happened when she realized she was screwed. She knew she was anything but subtle when it came to crushes, and the fact that he was an empath made everything worse. So Sophie resigned to the fact that she couldn't tell people, and would have to keep her emotions under control more then she had with Fitz. At least they weren't congates or partners, like she was with Fitz.

"Sophie, you and Keefe will be partners. Biana and Dex, linh and Wylie, and Tam and Fitz will also be partners" Forkle announced roughly a week after Keefe had been released from the healing center
"Wh-what?" Sophie sputtered, blushing like mad and wrapping her cape further around herself, almost as if trying to keep in- or out- all of her emotions
"Yes. Me and the collective have decided that partner training will be a better use of time for everyone. We've made the pairs based on social interactions and have also put into account your abilities. We'll still have group trainings, just a little less frequently" Forkle informed the group, nodding to make it final
"Well can you tell us those reasons? Specifics, I mean" Dex asked
"Sophie and Keefe because they understand each other in a way none of us will ever fully comprehend, and we believe Sophie's telepathy and enhancing can help lead Keefe to his new ability. Biana and Dex because we think that together invisibility and technology could create great things, and they work well together. Linh and Wylie because we think again, mixing their abilities together could crate something great, and they are compatible. Linh as Tam will also be working with both Fitz and Wylie at separate times, mostly because of Tam and Wylie's project. Fitz and Tam because we know Fitz can bring Tam out of his shell a little and they have compatible schedules for training" Forkle gave the information almost too willingly, although no one in the group was going to complain. Sophie had a feeling it was due to her finding out her biological mom and him feeling bad, but whatever the reason she was grateful.
"Hey! I don't have a shell" Tam cut in, tugging in his bangs and looking away. Linh poked him in the side
"Yes you do" she told him, smiling. He rolled his eyes but didn't argue further.
"Sound good? Great, meeting dismissed" Forkle told them, clapping once and and turning to leave
"Wait! That it?" Biana asked skeptically, making the wrinkly leader turn around once again
"Yes. I have important things to attend to now, and I'd appreciate if I could get to them" he sounded exasperated, and inched slowly away as he spoke. The group gave a collective shrug and let him go, pitching off into their new partners once he had left
"Look's like it's just you and me, foster" Keefe draped an arm around her shoulders, gesturing his other hand like he was showing her something great in front of them. He snuck a glance at her face, only to see her pale visibly "geez, at least try not to act so mortified" he said, pulling away from her and averting his eyes
"No, it's not that! I'm uh, just feeling a bit under the weather, that's all" she assured him, faking a small cough to try and make it more believable
"Suuuure. Anyway, when does training work for you?" He asked, pretty obviously trying to change the subject
"Pretty much whenever. I'm free almost all the time" she shrugged, trying- and failing- to look casual. Keefe must have noticed something was wrong because he looked at her wearily, as if trying to figure out if she needed a doctor or not
"Alright. How about Friday's?" He suggested, drawing out each word slowly as if she was a scared wild animal
"I'm fine, I swear!" She blurted, blushing like mad. He just raised an eyebrow "Friday's are fine" she sighed
"Perfect. It's a date, foster" Keefe saluted and pulled out his home crystal, grabbing Ro's hand and stepping into the light before she could say a word. So much for keeping emotions in check Was the only though in Sophie's hand as she went back home

*Keefe's 1st person P.O.V*

"She hates me! She has to" I was face down in my pillow at Everglen, door closed so Fitz didn't wander into another conversation of my and Ro's like he had recently
"You sure about that?" Ro asked from her chair in the corner
"Yes I'm sure! Did you see her face? She looked as white as a sheet" I sat up and both of our eyes went to the grey and silver embroidered sheets on my guest bed "okay, bad example" I muttered. Ro snickered a little
"She doesn't hate you. She probably is just feeling a little sick. Or...." She trailed off
"Or?" I asked
"I'm going to let you figure that one out" she told me definitely, her eyes tracing a dagger she was playing with
"Oh, come on! Aren't you supposed to help me with girl problems?" I asked her, grabbing my pillow and shoving my face In It while still sitting up
"First off, I believe you mean Sophie problems, seeing as you've only liked her since we've met. Secondly, this isn't in my job description, meaning I can say as much or as little as I'd like, considering I'm doing this out of the kindness of my heart" she batted her eyelashes, trying to look innocent
"The dagger kinda kills the angelic look you got going" I told her, snickering when she scowled
"Oh yeah, now I'm definitely not telling you" she looked away, and it seemed to be the end of our conversation

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