Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

I watched as the white confetti fell all over the stage like snow after I did a soft vocal run to the bridge, giving a different vibe. And then, slowly, the camera zoomed in to my face for the last chorus. My lashes fluttered as I looked up.

These are the moments I won't forget
These are the moment I won't regret
These are the moments that always
Lift my feet off the ground

Every line, as soft as I could, I strummed the guitar once to make it sound more sentimental.

These are the moments I will treasure
These are the moments I will remember
These are the moments oh, oh...

I trailed for a second, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. For a fleeting moment, I saw myself looking up before staring at the camera again, ready to sing the last line.

Alam ko kung saan ako tumingin no'n. I exchanged glances with Ike who was watching me from the technical room. I could still remember the smile on his face so vividly.

Even through the monitor, I saw how my eyes changed its gaze after I took a glance on Ike. There was some unexplained spark. I looked even more confident and happy.

Baby, this is our moment...

Once the screen turned black, marking the end of my performance, a smile automatically spread on my face. I knew that I did well. I sang with all my heart. I didn't feel any regret. I was very happy with it.

For two weeks before they aired the pilot episode, I was worried that I still lacked in some areas. But after watching the whole production of my performance, I couldn't be happier. I was satisfied overall.

"You're trending on social media," Ike, who was quiet while watching beside me, suddenly spoke.

He came here to watch the airing of the pilot episode with me. He even bought a pizza for us to eat.

Nilingon ko siya na ngayon ay abala sa kanyang cellphone. Lumapit siya sa akin upang ipakita na nagte-trend nga ang aking pangalan sa Twitter. Even the song, Moments, Ike, and New Classic were trending.

I also leaned towards him to see what's on his phone. Ipinatong niya ang isang cushion sa gitna ng aming hita na magkadikit. He rested his hand there while holding the phone closer to the both of us.

Pinindot ni Ike ang aking pangalan sa trend list. Many people were tweeting how much they loved my performance. Some of them even wanted me to release a studio version of the acoustic arrangement, while some hoped that I'd collaborate with New Classic.

May isa akong nabasa na gusto nilang magduet ako kasama si Isaiah. Madami pa iyong ibang sinabi na dahilan ngunit mabilis na nilagpasan iyon ni Ike na para bang ayaw ipabasa sa akin. There were other comments which had the same context. He closed the app after a few more seconds of scrolling.

"They all love your own rendition of Moments," Ike told me as he moved his phone away. "Maybe we should release a studio version of the acoustic arrangement to get more attention from the public. They will be more interested in you that way."

Nanlaki ang aking mga mata. "Ha? Ayos lang ba 'yon?" I blurted out. "Hindi ba't mahirap 'yan? At saka tingin ko ay masyado pang maaga..."

To be honest, I really liked the idea of releasing a song to the public. It would be another dream come true for me. However, I felt like I don't deserve to release a cover song by an internationally famous band. The local fans of New Classic might love that idea, but we don't really know how other fans would react.

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