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You have reached the end of Rhythm to My Chaos. As always, I had a lot of fun writing a light romance story. This story holds a special place in my heart. Thank you for being a part of Aleena and Ike's journey. While writing, I also had my own realizations when trying to put myself in the shoes of Aleena or Ike. I learn that sometimes living with fear holds us from taking risks and ends up losing chances that we might regret. So to everyone who's reading this, I hope that you can finally let go of your fears and face the unnerving and exciting future.



Like what I expected, Summer of 19 topped the charts.

"Ang galing ni Aleena. She really exceeded everyone's expectations," puri ni Mr. Joel kay Aleena nang makalapit siya sa akin.

Inilapit niya ang wine glass na hawak. Napangiti ako at saka pinatunog ang baso naming dalawa.

I hosted an intimate party to celebrate the success of Aleena's debut single. Two months later, she was bound to release her first mini album which gathered anticipation from the public. It was one of the most awaited music acts for the year. They were interested to know why it took two years for Aleena to make her official debut after Road to Records.

"Also, congrats to your label for successfully producing a new artist," he added, wearing a fatherly smile. "Aleena's a great investment."

"Thank you," I simply said.

She's not just a great investment to First Class Record Label. She's also a great girlfriend and fiancée.

And speaking of, my eyes quickly roamed around the hall to find the woman I love. She was hanging out with Zendaya and Cloé. They were surrounding Sic's girlfriend, Lavinia, like she was some kind of a new doll.

They first met her during Cloé's graduation last month. Hindi nga lang sila nagtagal ni Sic kaya hindi rin masyadong nakasama ng tatlo. They all wanted to get close to her.

"Hay..." pagbubuntonghininga ni Mr. Joel na siyang muling nakaagaw ng aking pansin. "Napakabilis talaga ng pagdaan ng taon. Ang layo na nang narating ninyong lahat. Pagkatapos ay pati si Sic may girlfriend na!"

My lips twitched as I stopped myself from laughing. I could still clearly remember when Sic's dating rumors were published on the internet out of nowhere. Mr. Joel looked like he was on his wits' end.

"Mabuti na lang at wala nang natitira pa sa inyong apat," sabi niya at alam kong talagang pinagpapasalamat niya 'yon.

Out of all people, I knew well that we were a huge pain in his ass. We caused him trouble a lot of times with our dating news. He used to confide in me, not until I also became the subject of the same issue.

It all started that one summer when I scouted Aleena Iris Caringal to be my mentee for a survival show.

"What is it? We're still not starting. I thought the press con would only last until before noon?" I frustratingly asked Mr. Joel as I was pressed for time. "I still have a flight back to Palawan at one."

"Nagkaroon ng technical issues kaya madedelay ang press con. The staffs already apologized for the inconvenience," mahinahong paliwanag niya sa akin. "Don't worry. I'll be the one to reschedule your flight back to Palawan. Gusto mo bang mamayang gabi o bukas na lang para makapagpahinga ka pa nang maayos?"

"Mamayang gabi pa?" I didn't mean to sound rude, but the frustration was testing my patience. "I need to go as soon as this ends."

Mr. Joel was caught off guard a bit when I showed an indifferent attitude. I had always been patient, especially when it comes to work. However, I just couldn't do the same thing at that moment.

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