Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

The moment Willow entered the room, I stared at her in awe as I couldn't help but admire her beauty. I finally understood why Top Star Records casted her. Just by her looks, she's already worth the investment.

She was just wearing crop-top sweater and jogger pants, while her hair was tied in a ponytail, but she still looked elegant. Her natural rosy cheeks and red pinkish plump lips gave color to her fair skin tone.

Mabilis akong tumayo upang salabungin siya. I was feeling excited to meet her, thinking that I could find another friend in Manila. We were both going to be mentored by Ike. Naisip kong magiging magkasundo kaming dalawa dahil doon.

Nang papalapit na siya sa akin ay ngumiti ako. Naglahad ako ng kamay sa kanya.

However, it seemed like she didn't notice my presence. As soon as her eyes caught Ike who was still sitting on the couch, she didn't look away anymore. She walked past me like I was invisible. I turned to follow her and she went straight to Ike.

Out of embarrassment, I brought my hand down to my side. Although I understood her excitement to see Ike, I also felt a bit dejected.

"OMG! Ike!" Willow almost lost her elegance as she turned into a fan in front of Ike. "I'm Willow!"

Gaya ko kanina ay naglahad din ng kamay si Willow kay Ike. I saw how Ike smiled a bit as he shook her hand for a second before he stood up.

"I've been meaning to formally meet you since my manager told me that you're going to be my mentor for Road to Record," she expressed her excitement even more. I could see her eyes twinkling from where I stood. "Oh! And, uhm, I'm sorry if I'm a bit sweaty. I was practicing my performance for the pilot episode before I went here."

"No problem," tipid na sabi lang ni Ike at saka biglang naglakad papalapit sa akin.

I held my breath while he stood right next to me and his hand rested on my lower back. I was a bit startled and feeling bashful because of the sudden skinship. I didn't expect that, making me unable to school my expression.

Willow's brows slightly knitted. She looked very curious when she turned to us.

"This is Aleena," Ike introduced me to her with a slightly bright tone. "She's one of the contestants in Road to Record and also my mentee."

"Oh!" Willow was surprised to hear that. "I'm sorry. I didn't see you standing there earlier."

Humakbang na rin siya papalapit sa amin. Kahit humingi siya ng pasensya, hindi ko alam kung bakit mas lalo akong nakaramdam ng sama ng loob.

So, she didn't really see me even when I stepped forward to greet her...

"Uhm, ayos lang..." sabi ko na lang at saka hilaw na ngumiti.

"I'm Willow, by the way," she introduced herself to me without her hand unlike what she did with Ike.

"Aleena Caringal."

After that brief and awkward introduction, we all settled down inside to tackle our main agenda, especially when Mr. Joel finally arrived. I sat on the couch where I sat earlier with Ike, while Willow took the couch across mine. Umupo sa kanyang tabi ang kanyang manager at ganoon din si Mr. Joel sa aking tabi.

On the other hand, Ike occupied the single couch in the middle, like he was acting as a mediator.

"As we all know, I am going to be your mentor for Road to Record," Ike led the conversation between us. "And for the shooting of pilot episode next week, you two are given two minutes each to perform. I want to know your ideas and what you came up with―if you have one."

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