Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

The moment I submitted the registration to join the singing contest, I only thought of making a new song that would help me win it. That was how I spent my free time while I wasn't running errands or performing at the resort for my gig.

Usually, I could create a song with full composition and lyrics within less than a day. However, I wanted to do better so I didn't wan to rush it that it took me days before I finally came up with the concept for the song.

"This is the encore part of our first concert," Ike told me when I asked him to play their performance which is the most memorable to him.

Ever since I started composing a new song for the contest, Ike would always come every day to monitor how I was doing. He would also give his professional opinion and criticisms. One thing that I realized while making music with him, he's not a passive mentor.

As much as possible, he was trying not to get himself involved while I was composing but whenever he didn't like something, he would point that out immediately. He gave a lot of suggestions which was a huge help. I learned a lot of things when it comes to music. He also taught me how to read notes that I didn't have the chance to learn before.

And since the song was nearing its completion, Ike forced me to take a break to rest my mind and refill my creative juices. Naisipan kong manood kami ng performance ng kanilang banda dahil wala pa akong napapanood at napapakinggan. I got a feeling that watching them would give me inspiration.

I thought he would refuse, but he returned to his villa and got his laptop. He told me he downloaded all their videos to monitor their live performances, learn from whatever mistakes they spotted, and improve more to show a better performance.

"That's Isaiah, Jirro, and Sic," he pointed out his members.

Tiningnan kong mabuti ang kanyang mga kabanda. They're honestly all good looking. That must be one of the reasons why they're so popular. They don't just make good music, but they also offer stunning visuals.

And I knew my opinion might be irrelevant and I wasn't sure if I was just being biased, but Ike's the one who stood out the most for me. My eyes were constantly being drawn to him every time all four would appear on the screen. He's the most handsome based on my standards.

Ang miyembro na hindi ko masyadong tipo ay iyong Sic. Pakiramdam ko ay hindi siya marunong magseryoso. He was radiating this bright energy every time the camera would zoom in on him. It was draining for me to see him smiling all the time. I felt like he's the type of person who would suck out all your energy.

"Isaiah's our vocalist. Most of our songs are his self-composition. He also plays guitar and piano," he started giving descriptions about his members. "And then, Jirro is our bassist. He can play all sorts of instruments and do melodic compositions. He often writes them with Sic who is our drummer and the mood maker in our team."

Nilingon ko saglit si Ike. Doon ko lamang napansin kung gaano kami kalapit sa isa't isa. Nakapatong ang laptop sa unan na nakapatong sa aming mga hita. Ang aking katawan ay halos nakasandal na sa kanya.

Bago pa niya mapansin ang aking pagtitig sa kanya ay muli kong nilingon ang screen. "Hmm... Hindi ba't nagsusulat ka rin ng kanta?"

"I do," he simply answered. "The songs I wrote before were obviously written by an amateur. I improved and learned a lot during college."

Wala sa sarili akong napatango-tango. "You studied Music Production..."

"And I don't regret that decision," he added. "My parents wanted me to take a different program at first, pero hinayaan na rin nila ako bandang huli. I'm really glad I fought for it. Doon ko nakilala silang tatlo. That's where we started."

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