Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Focused on doing a great job to make a full-course dinner, I was thankful that Tita Ingrid didn't mention about playing cupid as we cooked. After swearing to walk me to her son, she suddenly shifted her whole attention to cooking.

I was amazed on how she could change in a split of second. She has a very unique personality and character. Elegant and beautiful are still some of the words that describe her, but I'm starting to think that weird is also a right adjective to use.

"Let's just leave all the food on the counter while we decorate the outdoor dining table," she said once we were done with all the dishes.

Tita Ingrid wanted to eat outside to have a romantic dinner. She planned to go all-out just for that one meal. Sa dami naming niluto ay sigurado akong hindi namin iyon mauubos. Naalala ko tuloy noong pinagluto ako ni Ike. Naisip kong isa 'yon sa namana niya sa kanyang ina. They are both generous when it comes to feeding other people.

"May kukuhanin lang ako sa storage room. Sandali lang. Huwag kang aalis dito," bigla niyang paalam at nagmadali na sa pag-alis.

Within just three minutes, Tita Ingrid already came back with a box in hand. She opened it carefully and pulled out some fairy lights and a candle centerpiece with ornaments.

"We sometimes spend Christmas here so we have some decorations stored. We can use these to design the dining table."

Tumango ako upang ipaalam sa kanyang nakikinig ako sa kanyang mga sinasabi. Kumuha rin siya ng cloth table pad mula sa isang drawer sa ilalim ng island counter. Pinauna niya ako sa labas kung saan kami kakain ng dinner.

With very careful steps, carrying the plates and small bowls, I slowly walked to the veranda. Once I placed everything on the table, I let out a deep sigh in relief. I was glad that I didn't drop and break it.

Mula sa lamesa, napaangat ang tingin ko sa paligid. Nakakonekta mula sa veranda na ito ang pantalan na puwedeng daungan ng mga bangka o yate. The two men sitting at the end of the dock caught my attention. They were facing the beautiful horizon in front of them, enjoying the view of the setting sun.

The sky was painted with gradient colors of sunset. The waves got a bit aggressive while the sun was bidding farewell. It was like the waves didn't want the day to end―very similar to how I was feeling.

I don't want to go back to Manila yet. If it isn't too much to ask, I want to stay here with Ike for a few more days.

"Aleena, can you please help me..."

I looked behind me. Tita Ingrid was carrying the decorations. Napasulyap pa siya kung nasaan ang kanyang mag-ama bago sumilay ang ngiti sa kanyang labi.

Before she could even say anything, I already moved to help her. "Akin na po 'yan."

Mabuti na lang at hindi na pinuna pa ni Tita Ingrid ang nakita. We both went on decorating the rattan dining table.

It was dark by the time we finished everything. The saturated hues in the sky were already conquered by the darkness. We moved far from the dining table to see the full view. Tita Ingrid has a great eye for aesthetics. She knows well on how to utilize the materials we have.

"Wow. Fancy."

Sabay kaming napalingon ni Tita Ingrid kina Ike at Tito Jimmy. Dala-dala nila ang kanilang pamingwit at ang portable na sun lounger na gamit nila pang-upo kanina. My eyes immediately directed its gaze to Ike whom I also found looking straight at me.

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