Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

"These are the dishes I created to be part of the menu in our restaurants," Cassidey told us after placing all the dishes on top of the table.

It had been almost a month since that night. Nagcheck-out sila noong hapon. Sumama pa kami ni Ike sa paghatid sa kanila sa airport.

I kept in touch with Zendaya and Cloé. Kaya nga lang ay hindi rin kami gaanong nag-uusap. Zendaya was busy with work, while it was already the start of Cloé's classes. Naging abala rin ako sa paghahanap kay daddy. Ike contacted one of the best private detectives and investigators in the country to help me.

I didn't want to rush because I knew it would be a hard task. I read related blogs, journals, and articles about it. Sometimes it could take up to months to track and find someone. Kaya nga lang ay hindi ko maiwasan ang mainip lalo na't wala pa masyadong lead na nakukuha ang mga taong kinuha namin sa paghahanap.

It was a good thing that Cassidey contacted us to join the taste test at their restaurant's branch in Roxas. Kahit papaano ay nawala sa aking isipan ang pagkainip sa paghahanap kay daddy. We would be tasting the new cuisines she worked on. Ilalagay ang mga iyon sa menu ng restaurant na pagmamay-ari ng kanyang ina. It was a famous local restaurant in Roxas, El Nido, and Puerto Princesa. Ang sabi ni Cassidey ay mukhang sa El Nido branch siya ipapadala ng kanyang ina.

Cassidey cooked six dishes. There was no faults in the plating and presentation of each dish. Nakita kong talagang nagbunga ang pag-aaral niya ng culinary sa ibang bansa.

"I'm sure it'll all taste great," sabi ni Gian upang siguro ay pawalain ang kaba ni Cassidey.

Ngumuso ako upang pigilan ang sarili na mapangiti at matawa. Although he looked stiff and his voice was monotonous, it was very unusual for me to see him trying to please Cassidey. Back when we were in college, it was always the other way around.

Who would've thought that they would end up together?

Noong nalaman kong sila na pagbalik nila Zendaya sa Maynila ay hindi pa ako makapaniwala noong una. I thought he was just joking. All this time I believed that Gian didn't have any girl that he likes. Iyon pala ay mukhang tinatago niya lang sa akin. I guessed he was just really waiting for her to come back.

"Oh sige na, kuha na kayo! Help yourselves and please tell me your evaluation or review for each dish," she told us. "Don't hesitate to give your honest criticisms."

Tumango naman ako habang tinitingnan ult isa-isa ang mga putahe. Iniisip ko kung ano ang aking uunahin.

"What do want to eat first?" Ike asked when he leaned towards me.

Nilingon ko siya at saka tinuro ang ulam na manok ang laman. Cassidey was smart enough to put label. Nakalagay roon kung ano ang main ingredient ng bawat putahe.

"Okay. Let me get that for you," sabi niya at agad na kumilos upang ibigay ang gusto ko.

I caught Gian watching us. He used to do things for me. He would always find time to accompany me. Now, we both have our own lover whom we can spend our time with.

When I told him that Ike and I were already in a relationship, opposite to my reaction from his relationship with Cassidey, he seemed not interested with it. I was underwhelmed by his nonchalance. He still congratulated us, though. He's happy that I'm happy and loved. I also feel the same way for him.

"Here you go," Ike spoke once he was done taking care of my plate.

I smiled at him. "Thank you."

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