Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Birds were singing outside, along with the sound of the whispering wind and crashing waves adding melody to the morning song. It was the same song I used to hear every morning. It was my kind of wake up call by nature.

As it was time to start a brand new day, I slowly opened my eyes. I was greeted by the same view ever since I was a child. I looked around my room just to make sure that nothing really changed, except for my luggage left untouched and my guitar that I forgot to put on its stand after playing my feelings all out before falling asleep.

A bitter smile touched my lips as the bitterness flowed through my veins. If everything went exactly as planned, I should be waking up in Manila, starting to live my dream and become a singer. But that dream was gone, along with my will to keep dreaming. Being stuck in Roxas was my reality. I should just accept that the dream I ought to have wasn't for me.

Dahan-dahan akong bumangon habang hinuhubad ang pang-ipit na nasa aking palapulsuhan. Itinali ko ang aking mahabang buhok at saka tinungo ang bintana upang buksan at makapasok ang hangin. The salty scent coming from the sea enveloped my nose. While taking a deep breath in front of the open window, I stretched my arms and craned my neck. The clean air and pristine view made me feel relaxed somehow.

Pagkatapos mag-inat ay lumapit ako sa aking gitara upang kuhanin iyon. I sat on the bohemian carpet instead of sitting on the small couch inside my room and placed the guitar on my lap.

I drew my fingers along the curve of the guitar and positioned it on the strings. One look and you could tell my guitar was already used for years. The black paint was already fading. Even if I tried my best to take care of it and keep it maintained, it couldn't keep up with time.

Auntie Divina offered a few times to buy me a new guitar. And when I started earning from doing gigs and part-time, she urged me to buy one. However, I just really couldn't find it in me to replace my guitar. I knew I could still keep it with me even after buying a new one, but I wanted to use it until it was totally unusable.

My guitar originally belonged to my mother and it was gifted by my father when they were still dating. Nasa akin pa nga ang note na kasama no'n. My mother kept in inside the guitar case. Hindi ko na rin iyon tinanggal pa. I would always read it whenever I wanted to be reminded of my parents that I already memorized it by heart.

Mahal kong Cierra,

Ang pagbibigay ko sa 'yo ng gitara na 'to ay katumbas ng pagbibigay ko ng parte ng aking buhay sa 'yo. Ang tanging hiling ko ay ang makasama ka at ang musika habang buhay.


It was obvious that my love for music came from my parents. It played a huge part in their relationship that's why it also meant so much to me. And through my father's note I believed that he really loved me and my mother. I had no idea why he left us, but I was sure he had a reason which was valid enough to leave his lover and daughter. Ayon ang pinanghahawakan ko. Ayon ang pinaniniwalaan ko.

Closing my eyes, I positioned my left fingers on the fret. I tried to play the faint melody that I was creating inside my head. However, it seemed like I couldn't get the chords right. It was frustrating me that I couldn't get it out of me. In the end, I just stopped playing and went out of my room.

Hindi na ako nagulat nang makita ko si Gian sa hapag. He was having a serious conversation with my auntie. Siguro ay alam niya na ang nangyari sa akin. I did not have the chance to tell him last night, but I guessed my auntie was the one who informed him.

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