Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Staring at the blank piece of paper with the guitar resting on my lap, I frowned and felt frustrated. For the past hour, I had been trying to compose a new song for the finals, but to no avail. I didn't have much time left. There were only two weeks before the finals.

Road to Record gave us the final mission to create a song from scratch. We were free to choose any genre and theme. I was confident about it at first. I told myself that the mission was meant for me to prove what I was really capable of.

It's something I'm used to do. I've been writing songs for years now. Songwriting is my forte. The last time I wrote a song with Ike, I learned things that helped me grow and improve in my craft. However, the self-confidence I had went crumbling down as I felt like nothing was going on my way.

My mind was very much occupied that I couldn't focus. There were a lot of thoughts inside my head―the upcoming finals, the cancelled endorsement with Ike, and the offer from Top Star Records. Hindi ko magawang unahin ang paggawa ng kanta sa mga iniisip ko.

Ike and I had a talk about the endorsement we were supposed to do after Mr. Joel informed him about all the decisions made. He also thought that it was the best decision to avoid the bad consequences.

Alam ko 'yon. I even made the decision ahead of him. We had a mutual agreement. Pero nang makita kong ayos lang sa kanya at mukhang hindi siya apektado ay hindi ko maiwasan ang malungkot.

I was the only one feeling bad. I was the only one filled with regrets. But I do understand his nonchalance. For him, it was just another cancelled schedule. It was in his favor because he really didn't want to accept any endorsements. He only did it for me. It wouldn't bother him. He didn't need it anymore.

It didn't mean that much to him, but it means a lot to me.


Nabitiwan ko ang hawak na lapis nang madinig ko ang pagtawag sa akin ni Ike. Unti-unti ko siyang nilingon. Tipid siyang nakangiti habang nakatingin sa akin. He was holding the studio door's handle.

"I'm done cooking," Ike stated, his voice sounded light and comforting. "Let's eat first."

Bahagya akong napanguso bago tumango. I guess I should eat first. Baka sakaling pagkatapos kumain ay mas makapag-isip-isip ako nang maayos para sa kantang gagawin.

"Hmm, sige!" sabi ko at maingat na inilapag ang gitara sa sofa.

Ike opened the door wider for me. He also moved sideways to give me space.

"Thank you," tipid kong pasasalamat sa kanya.

He smiled and nodded his head once. "Welcome."

Nauna na akong naglakad patungo sa kusina. Sumunod agad sa akin si Ike matapos isarado ang pintuan ng studio.

I was a bit surprised when I scanned the table and saw it filled with variety of dishes. Even though there were only a small portion per dish, it was still a lot for the both of us to finish. Hindi ako makapaniwala na nagawa niyang makapagluto ng apat na putahe sa loob ng isang oras.

"Upo ka na," sabi ni Ike sa akin at pinaghila ako ng isang upuan bago inayos ang mga kubyertos sa hapag. "Ano ang gusto mo? Juice o tubig?"

"Uh, juice..." Slightly hesitant, I walked closer to the dining chair and carefully sat. Pinagsalin ako ni Ike ng juice sa basong katapat ko. "Ang dami mong niluto..." puna ko.

"I figured you'd be very hungry since you didn't get to eat breakfast earlier," he replied while taking a seat right in front of me.

Pursing my lips, I forgot about my worries for a moment. My heart fluttered at the thought that he made all these dishes while thinking of me. I felt a blush rise to my cheeks. It seemed like he knew exactly how to control my feelings. I could be foolishly gullible when it comes him.

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