Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Due to my busy schedule, it felt like I had been chasing time throughout the whole month. I didn't get any free time because aside from shootings and performances, the endorsements and off-cam practices for Road to Record were keeping me busy. It was very tiring but I was grateful to have a great team by my side.

We just concluded the third live performances. There were only four contestants left for the finals in two weeks―and I was very fortunate to be one of them.

I never thought that I would make it that far. I never thought that people would be interested in what I had to offer. I never thought that I would gain a lot of support.

I knew Ike played a huge part in my success. Being his mentee, his fans supported me as much as they could. Ganoon din sila kay Willow. Kung ano man ang mayroon ako ngayon, isa siya sa mga dahilan kung bakit ko narating at nakamit iyon.

"Zendaya!" I heard Mr. Joel's voice while I was getting ready for the interview.

Ate Blessie was doing some retouch since I just came for a brief photoshoot for the magazine feature. I tried to extend my neck to see Zendaya. Hindi ko siya makita nang maayos dahil sa mga nakaharang sa aking harapan.

"It's nice to see you again," dagdag pa ni Mr. Joel.

"Ganoon din po ako." Ang mahinhin niyang boses ay bumalot sa tahimik na silid.

"Are you with Isaiah?" sunod na tanong ni Mr. Joel.

Bago makasagot si Zendaya ay bumukas muli ang pintuan sa lounge. Saktong natapos din si Ate Blessie sa pag-aayos ng aking makeup kaya nakita ko kung sino ang nagmartsa papasok ng silid.

Ike was wearing a scowl on his face, making big strides as he approached me. He looked like he was in a bad mood that I was a bit worried. But then, I saw Isaiah entering the lounge as well. Opposite to Ike, he had a taunting smile. He was having a great time.

Not long after, Ike blocked my view of Isaiah. It was like I was forced to look up to his face because I couldn't see anyone but him. He got all of my attention right away.

"May problema ka ba?" mahina kong tanong sa kanya, nag-aalala dahil sa kanyang hindi magandang ekspresyon.

He pursed his lips and shook his head. "Nothing," he muttered softly, and then smiled a little when he offered his hand to me. "Come. I'll introduce you to Zendaya."

Nang makita siyang ngumiti ay napangiti na rin ako. Ibinigay ko ang aking kamay sa kanya. He held and squeezed it softly as he helped me up. Agad niya rin naman akong binitiwan at inilipat ang kanyang kamay sa aking likuran upang igaya ako papalapit sa kanila.

Zendaya wore a bright smile on her face once our gazes met. She quickly handed her laptop and recorder to Isaiah before meeting me halfway.

"Uhm, hello!" she greeted me excitedly but I could also feel her shyness.

Nahihiya rin akong ngumiti sa kanya. Binitiwan ako ni Ike at saka naglakad papunta sa tabi ni Isaiah. He positioned himself like he was guarding him.

"Thank you so much for allowing us to do this interview and feature you on our magazine," she expressed her gratitude. "I'm very thrilled to know that you chose me to be your interviewer."

Zendaya is very beautiful. She has this angelic face that suits her personality. The genuineness in her eyes sparked brightly. I had never met a person as transparent as her. Even though I just only met her, she already made feel comfortable, knowing that she's pure and honest.

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