Chapter 38

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Chapter 38
Little Angel

Slowly descending down the stairs, I went into the huge garden behind the mansion. The open gazebo right in the middle immediately caught my attention. I headed towards it while taking in the view of the well-lit garden with warm lights.

Similar to the design of the mansion's exterior, the gazebo also has a white paint with red tiled, hexagonal roof. There was an outdoor dining table and chairs inside. Just right outside, there were two benches on both sides of the entrance.

Maingat akong naupo sa isa sa mga benches. Bumugad sa aking paningin ang magarang mansyon. Even when it wasn't the front exterior, it still looked elegant and beautiful.

Katatapos lang naming kumain ng hapunan nang maisipan kong lumabas sa hardin. Auntie Amanda told me that it's beautiful in the garden at night. She wasn't lying, though. Talaga namang napakaganda.

I wondered if my father used to spend his time in the garden. Siguro ay tumutugtog din siya rito minsan ng kanyang gitara.

With those thoughts about my father, I looked up at the sky. Just like back in Roxas, the stars were also very visible. Despite their small sizes, due to their distance from the Earth, they were still shining brighter than the moon.

A smile crept on my lips while admiring the beauty of these celestial bodies. I really like it whenever the view of nature isn't obstructed. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel free.

"Aren't you cold?" Ike's low and husky voice drew my attention to him. "It's colder tonight than usual."

Tinatanong niya pa lang ako ngunit dala-dala na niya ang kanyang jacket na gamit kanina sa eroplano. Before he sat next to me, he carefully draped his jacket over my shoulders and his scent immediately washed over me.

With a small smile on my face, I said, "Thank you."

I wasn't feeling that cold, but the warmth was somehow comforting.

"No problem," he quietly said, the tenderness in his voice was unmistakable.

There was silence in between us. I craned my neck and found him looking up the sky. He got a very sentimental look, making it seem like he was shooting for a music video or a movie. My hand was itching to get my phone and take a picture of him.

I often see him up close, but I have never admired his side profile this much. He still looks dashingly handsome that I think God favored him so much for taking His time to sculpt and mold his features.

While I was busy admiring him, he suddenly lowered his gaze and turned his head to face me. I was a bit flustered and embarrassed that he caught me ogling at him. However, he didn't mind that at all.

"Your auntie asked me if we could extend our trip for three more days," he informed me without batting his eye. "I couldn't give her an exact answer. I don't know if it's alright with you."

Medyo napaawang ang aking mga labi. I wondered why Auntie Amanda didn't ask me directly. Nagtagal kami sa kuwarto ni daddy habang ipinapakita niya sa akin ang ibang mga litrato nito. We also talked over dinner but she mentioned nothing about wanting me to stay longer.

"I think she's still walking on egg shells when it comes to getting close to you." Like he heard my thoughts, he answered the question inside my head. "She must not want to mess anything up that's why she approached me first instead."

I pursed my lips. Naiintindihan ko ang sinabi ni Ike. Kahit ako rin ay nahihiya pa rin sa kay Auntie Amanda. I couldn't speak comfortably to her yet. And even though she told me that the mansion is also my home, I still couldn't digest that fact.

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