Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

On the way home, we were all silent inside the car that you could hear a pin drop. I was feeling depressed and very lethargic, like all the energy inside me had been sucked up, and I was left with nothing but pain which was concealed by numbness.

Mabilis kaming nakauwi sa bahay. Gian stepped on the break once we reached our house. I remained looking on the road, without any thoughts of going out.

"Salamat sa pagsama sa amin, Gian," pasasalamat ni Auntie Divina.

"Wala pong problema, auntie," agad na balik ni Gian.

"Oh sige," sabi na lang ni Auntie. "Aleena, tara na."

I didn't move even when I was called. I could feel their eyes on me. Mas lalong naging tahimik ang paligid. Napalunok ako bago nilingon si Gian at nagsalita.

"Puwede bang ihatid mo ako sa resort?" I asked him for a favor.

Gian looked conflicted after he heard my request. I saw him giving a quick glance at Auntie Divina, asking for her permission. And because I didn't want to be rude, I also looked back to face her.

"Auntie, pupunta lang po ako saglit sa resort..." paalam ko.

I just really wanted to have some time alone in an open space. Pakiramdam ko ay kapag sa kuwarto ako nanatili nang mabigat ang aking nararamdaman ay hindi ako makakahinga nang maayos.

Napabuntonghininga nang malalim si Auntie Divina. "Oh sige..." pagpayag niya. "Basta umuwi ka bago maghating gabi."

Tipid akong napangiti at napatango.

With that, Gian drove past their house for a minute to drop me off their resort instead of going home straight from ours. He was about to turn off the car's engine by pulling out his key, probably to go out and accompany me. But before he could do so, I held out my hand to stop him.

"Gusto kong mapag-isa, Gian..." sabi ko sa kanya.

He looked troubled as he bit his lower lip while looking at me. "I'm worried about you, Aleena," he told me, his eyes were filled with concerned. "I really don't want to leave you alone right now."

"I'll be fine. Wala akong gagawing masama sa sarili ko," I said to assure him. "I just really want to be alone. Ibigay mo na sa akin 'to."

Gian was reluctant to leave me alone, but he nodded his head to give in to my request. "Okay..." he said under his breath. "But please message me once you're home, okay? If you want me to pick you up and walk you home, don't hesitate to call me or send me a text."

Tumango-tango na lang ako sa kanyang mga paalala sa akin. "Thank you."

I honestly couldn't thank Gian enough. Medyo nahihiya rin ako sa aming maikling pagtatalo tungkol kay Ike. I knew he was just worried about me but I got triggered with the way he talked about Ike. Who would've thought that he was speaking the truth? Dapat ay nakinig na ako sa kanya noong una pa lang at hindi na nakipagtalo pa.

His eyes softened and said, "You're welcome."

The security and some staffs of the resort were surprised to see me there late at night. I just smiled at them as they greeted me. I past by the main office, cottages and rooms on my way to the beach. I saw a few people having a peaceful time at the shore.

Hindi ko na nga lang sila gaanong binigyan ng pansin. Nag-iwas ako ng tingin at tinungo ang lugar kung sana ako puwedeng mapag-isa. I was relieved to see that no one was near my haven.

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