Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

After Isaiah left, Ike and I stayed at the studio. He allowed me to record one of my songs, using my guitar as an accompaniment. We did a few takes with his direction. And while mixing and mastering my recording, he made it sound high quality by adding beats and synthesizing the whole music production. He just whipped everything within a few minutes, and it was a masterpiece.

"Ang galing!" I exclaimed after I heard the final output. "Marunong ka rin pala noong ginagawa ni Isaiah kanina."

I realized that he knows just as much as Isaiah. Masyado akong namangha sa mga ipinakita sa akin ni Isaiah na nakalimutan kong parehas silang nag-aral ng music production.

"Of course," he simply said with a bitter tone and rendered the whole production we did.

Napanguso ako. While we were recording earlier, he didn't seem to be in a foul mood anymore. Kaya nga lang ay mukhang bumalik na naman ang kanyang pagsusungit. Naisip ko na baka hindi niya gaanong nagustuhan ang kinalabasan ng aming nirecord. That thought seethed uncomfortably in my stomach.

Just as when I was about to ask him if I did something he didn't like, he suddenly turned to me with his palm laid out. Gulat akong napatitig sa kanyang kamay na nakalahad.

"Give me your phone," he ordered me.

Kahit na hindi ko alam kung para saan, sa takot ay agad kong ibinigay ang kanyang hinihingi. Mabilis niyang binalik ang tingin sa monitor. He connected my phone to the computer using a USB cord. Kita kong inilagay niya ang kantang nirecord namin papunta sa aking files. Nang matapos sa pagkopya ay ibinalik niya rin agad sa akin ang cellphone.

"Here..." Maingat niya ring isinuot sa akin ang isang headset. "You can now listen to your song on your phone."

My worries were completely replaced with excitement. Isinaksak ko ang headset sa aking cellphone bago hinahanap ang kanta sa music library. And once I found it, without ado, I pressed the play button and turned the volume up.

My heart welled up with different positive emotions as I heard my song playing. I was glad to check off another item on my list of goals. It was a dream for me to record and produce my own song. Ike made it happen in just within a day. I couldn't stop smiling while lip-syncing and lightly swaying my head.

That moment, it felt like I was inside my own world. I forgot that I was with Ike. That was why when I was done listening to my song, I was surprised when I saw him standing in front of me while holding a familiar guitar in hand.

I quickly removed the headset and placed it down beside me. My eyes didn't leave the guitar.

"Is that..." Out of shock, I couldn't finish my question.

He nodded and handed my guitar to me. "I asked a friend of mine to refinish your guitar when I saw it broken," he explained. "He did his best to recreate its original look. I tried playing it earlier this morning. I could say that nothing's changed with its music quality."

Hindi ako makapaniwalang nakalimutan ko ang aking gitara. Dala-dala namin ito papunta ng Maynila. I wasn't aware that I didn't bring it with me to the condo the day we arrived. I was also too preoccupied to play my guitar that I didn't look for it even when I organized my things. I had no idea that Ike had it refinished.

"I planned to give it to you as soon as we arrived here, but I forgot because of Isaiah..." he explained, his voice strained.

Like a fragile porcelain, I held my old guitar carefully which looked entirely brand new. I tried playing it using the chords of the song we recorded. It reminded me of the day I first held it to try and play. It brought tears to my eyes.

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