Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

With my hands tightly clasped together, I was on the edge of my seat. My heart kept missing a beat. I tried to calm my nerves by listening to the MR of the acoustic arrangement I recorded for the song I was going to sing so that I could practice without having to play my guitar and avoid abusing the tip of my fingers. He was worried that I might strain myself and end up getting hurt in time for the shooting.

On the other hand, Willow didn't look tensed at all. She just kept taking pictures inside our dressing room to post on her social media accounts and update her followers.

Magkasama kaming dalawa sa isang malaking dressing room bilang mentee ni Ike. I couldn't help but be amazed on how she could keep calm and collected even when we were about to go on set for the shooting in a few minutes. Samantalang ako ay parang nahihilo at nasusuka sa sobrang kaba kahit na alam kong wala akong dapat ipag-alala sa aking magiging performance.

With Ike's guidance, we managed to put together a sentimental performance which aimed to tug the hearts of the viewers. I also checked the studio were my stage was set, and I just couldn't wish for more. It was everything I envisioned it to be. Mrs. Molina met my expectations and even surpassed it.

Out of nervousness, I jolted from my seat and was pulled out of reverie when the door suddenly opened, thinking that it was the staff of Road to Record. But the moment I saw Ike from his reflection on the mirror, my tense muscles got loose.

"Ike!" I heard Willow call his name.

Nilingon siya ni Ike. Tipid itong ngumiti at tumango sa kanya bago idinirekta ang tingin sa salamin kung saan ko pinapanood ang kanyang bawat galaw. Our eyes met through our reflection. He walked straight to my side.

I turned my body to face him. He looked at me closely, like he was trying to memorize my face. His warm gaze hypnotized me. Having all his focus directed at me drove my heart wild.

Muli akong nakaramdam ng kaba, ngunit para sa ibang dahilan na. I lost sight of the survival show. My head was full of Ike as he was all I could see right in front of me. And to be honest, I couldn't decide if that was a good thing or not.

"Are you nervous?" Ike only asked how I was feeling, but it was already very reassuring.

Bahagya akong napanguso at hindi pa nakakasagot ngunit agad siyang tumango-tango. Kahit hindi ko sabihin ay parang alam niya na ang aking nararamdaman. Mukhang hindi niya nga kailangan pang magtanong.

"No need to be worried," he told me, his voice taming any tidbit of anxiety left in me. "I'll be beside you during the opening. And during your performance, I'll be there to watch you. I know how you worked so hard for your performance, even within a short period of time. You'll do great."

I struggled to keep my astonishment from showing as I smiled at him, still fascinated by how he could easily get through and speak to my mind.

The corners of his lips quirked up into a smile. He suddenly laid his left palm out in front of me. "Give me your hand."

Although I was confused, I put my hand on his palm, and he held it tight while his right hand pulled out something from his pocket. Blush crept into my cheeks when I saw him holding a gold bracelet.

I quieted my breath as he drew in closer to carefully clasp the bracelet on my wrist. It has a G-clef flat charm which connects the two chains in the middle. And even though the metal chain was cold against my skin, I was feeling very warm inside.

Nang matapos niyang isuot sa akin ay hinawakan niya ang aking kamay at nanatiling nakaangat upang suriin nang mabuti ang bracelet. Sa huli ay unti-unting sumilay muli ang ngiti sa kanyang labi.

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