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Guys I'm sorry to say but I'm truly disgusted by my community. There is someone copying my work on CLAIMING that it's hers. She is literally claiming that I am the one who is copying her work.

Let me make this extremely clear that this is my book, my sweat and my ideas. And I hell wouldn't tolerate this anymore. I swear this book has my heart and the upcoming chapters were soooo amazing that believe me even I loved them to the moon and back.

I can't wait for you guys to read it but I'm sorry to say there wouldn't be any more updates on wattpad till that book is taken down. I don't care how long it takes but I need that book to be taken down because this IS. MY. WORK.

As simple as that.

It's on and the link is If the link doesn't work, text me here or on Instagram. It's on my wall too.

I wouldn't update this Friday and I need that woman to update the upcoming chapter. Let's see if it is I who am copying or her.

Thank you very much but it's truly disappointing to see such people. And then these people ask why is karma a bitch.

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