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Hello everyone, hope you all are well. I am making this quick announcement for something that happened yesterday on chapter 63. So usually I read comments quite some days after the chapter is posted so that the most of the comments can accumulate and so then I can read each and every easily in a flow and enjoy my time but yesterday one comment caught my eye and I couldn't help but interject.

For those of you who don't know, my name is Ana and I live in Pakistan and yes I am a Muslim. I follow Islam and believe me I don't feel any shame for following it. For me, that is the most peaceful and the most beautiful religion. Now, my book is up here on Wattpad for everyone to read, I challenge you all to find me even one line where I insulted someone's religion or bad mouthed them because I can challenge you that I never did. I know despite being a Muslim that more than half of my readers are not Muslims and I never created a fuss about it, I never bullied someone or made fun of their religion or sad bad things about it because that is not how we Muslims are.

But someone commenting in the comment section, spreading hate about my religion......let me make this very clear that I hell wouldn't tolerate it. I write the book for each one of you and knowing what shit we went through for someone copying my work and I still doing my best to let you guys read it despite knowing that someone is stealing my work and may later claim it as her's definitely a hell lot.

Now in reality I am a lot like Ashton, very angry and disturbed all of the time at home due to so many reasons I can't even count and just like him if I ever get angry......believe me I am the worst at my anger. I posted this on my insta and I will say it here too that I definitely mean to be rude so mind it, this is my religion we are talking about. If I never commented on anybody's religion, then nobody has any right to comment on mine. I wish Wattpad allowed authors to block some people, I would have gladly blocked that one person straightaway yesterday but muting gives me no use.

It really angered me when I read her comment because let me tell you I dare wouldn't allow anyone to badmouth my religion. Just a bloody no. Me being a Muslim, I have always talked extremely sweetly with you, and have helped each and everyone who has been going through depression or is fighting anxiety or is suicidal and facing issues at home, believe me I try my level best to respond to every soul who is struggling and comes to me asking for help but don't you dare take my sweetness as my weakness. I'm warning you. I wouldn't tolerate anyone spilling dirt on Islam. You like the religion, well and good, you don't........either shut your feelings, your sentiments and sayings or leave. As simple as that. I don't have any problem with it. Usually I don't talk like this with such a beautiful Wattpad family I have, but it gives you guys no right to reciprocate the opposite and flush it my way.

If anyone still has a problem with me being a Muslim and supporting Islam, I thank you for reading my book and supporting me a lot, I genuinely made it here because of you but the door is open, leave. I would appreciate to all those to kindly leave my book this instant if you cannot respect my boundaries and my religion.

Conclusively, I love each and every one of yours religion, believe me I do and I would never ever in my life ever disrespect it, that is a promise I am openly making here. I would never ever make fun of any person's religion and look down upon them because we are taught to love each other not for religion, but for humanity. That every person is a human, has feelings and might be going through something and so we are there for each one of you, but commenting on my chapters under the Ramadan post and hating on my own religion.......sorry for being rude but stop the bloody nonsense, I wouldn't tolerate it. Now some people might say that look how I am rude being a is my right excuse me. You flushing hate directly toward my religion and not respecting it the least especially in such a holy month which means a lot to me, obviously I will get mad. Imagine someone saying bad about your religion and spreading hate.......what would you do?

So thank you to all those who do not follow Islam but still respect it, you are gems and I love you for it and I promise, never in my life have I ever mocked any religion and nor will I. As simple as that. I'm repeating one last time, you don't appreciate me being a Muslim, thank you for supporting uptill now, Ashton and Sophia love you but sorry for being rude, you need to get out. And if you still support me and love me despite this.......I already love you loads. Believe me I don't want to be rude but after 63 chapters, this fucked me up pretty bad.


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