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Hi! Sorry to drop by on a short notice, I needed to know something. For tmahlq part ii, how many of you bought either the kindle, or the paperback, or both, or none?

I just need to know the rough statistics for the future releases. 3 books r left for the ending. 💔

The finale will be later. That would be just one short book and that would be the end to Ashton and Sophia's journey.

Also, I have worked extremely hard on this book through writing, editing, proof reading and so much more despite family situations and despite needing to freeze my educational year. If possible, can you rate and leave your review under my book on Amazon? It would help me a lot. Thank you thank you thank you so much!

It takes a few minutes of your time but it is a blessing of a lifetime for me. Please. 🙏

Thank you.


Also, I hope you are enjoying the new stand-alone book that I had started. It's free for you to read and on my Wattpad page. Hurry and add it to your TBR before it concludes and I take it down from here. It's a stand-alone and a short story as compared to TMAHLQ. Even shorter than Tmahlq part I. Hope you enjoy.



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