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Hi! Hope you all are well. I have been having one of the shittiest months of my life lmaoooo, so I was thinking to start writing the book that was long overdue. Another mafia one. I'll attach the synopsis that I had decided and will tell you the theme as well, then answer ONE question for me, and that would be it.

Synopsis :-

A false Vendetta at the clemency of yeses.

A raging war in the denomination of the veiledscent of love.

Duet captivating eyes, dyad deadly spears, a cold voyage,a bloody sight.

What fate awaits for what object to lacerate a ribbon?

It's a hate to love romance lmao. Now read the synopsis again. So my question is....... what are your views over this idea? I started writing a university romance too, but not many people ended up reading it, and the ones that did, many said that they did like it and I am glad. One of the best pieces that I have written which is a stand-alone. I wouldn't know if the next mafia book is a standalone or not, but what are your views over the idea of a new mafia book? Would you read it or any other views? Lemme know.

Too tired to write the whole ending so bye love you all gtfo. Lmao.

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