Funny excerpt from TMAHLQ PART III

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There are some funny excerpts I would love to share and hear your thoughts about, from tmahlq part iii, which is yet to be released on Amazon.

Excerpt #1:-


I entered the bathroom to see Sophia applying some kind of a cream on the whole of her body. My girl was totally naked making me hard but the one thing confusing me was that what the hell was she doing. Wrapping my arms around myself and standing with my feet apart, I spoke, "I would have suspected early pregnancy as messed up hormones show themselves, but looking at how stubborn you are, I don't think you are giving me kids anytime soon. So, you shrimp dick, what the fuck are you doing?"

She was rubbing the cream on her legs when she glanced back at me with her body bent low and her ass sticking in the air. God!

"Ha ha ha. The kind of comedy, Ashton Romanno, is finally here, announcing his presence-"

"Your welcome. You couldn't even do that once."

She chuckled, "What's the problem with you?"

"Excuse me? I enter our bathroom to see you resembling a stripper, bent over, rubbing, I don't know whose faeces these are, on your body, and suddenly, what is my problem?"

She laughed, "These are not faecessss, it's a cream-"

"It is literally brown in colour."

She laughed again, "Ashton, shush. I'm just using the easy method to tan myself."


I walked quickly towards her yanking her arm away, "Why the fuck would you do this?"

AND THEN I WIGGLED IN DISGUST because the cream got on my hands. With my mind not working anymore, I just shrugged and wiped them clean with Sophia's hair when she screeched at me, "ASHTONNN!!!!"

"Oops, free hair dye."

She groaned and swatted at me, "What do you mean, why would I do this?"

"It's english, want me to speak Latin for you?"

"Ashton, I swear to God, stop with these sarcastic responses or-"

"Why are you changing your appearance? Did anyone say something to you?"

She rolled her eyes at me and turned around to wash her hands when I smacked her on the ass, where there was no cream. She knew I hated it when people rolled their eyes at me but she was so stubborn goddamit.

Wiping her hands on the towel, she looked at me, "I would have hugged you but I have this cream on and no... I'm not doing it because some other person said it which by the way, no one did. I'm just doing it because I like it and I want to. This skin colour will match with the dress I have to wear on Everleigh's birthday party."

"What are you wearing? Potato sack with a hen's shit in it?"

Sophia was sooooooooo fucking close to losing it when I raised my hands, "I surrender. Anyways, it better be that and not because someone else said it to you."

She smacked her lips, "No, don't worry. It's completely my choice."

I nodded and started to change my clothes when I looked at her again, "And how did you get these products and may I need to remind you, be damn fucking honest with me."

She smiled back, tugging the love strings of my heart, "I asked Ella, who asked Massimo who asked the security guard who asked the main gate guard who asked the driver who ask-"

"Okay shut up. Did you go?"

"No mr. mafia sir. You never allowed me."

"You never asked."

"Would you have allowed me if I asked?"

I grinned, "No."


This was a serious one, I did share this on Instagram or TikTok as well, my incredibly powerful memory doesn't remember, but I decided to share here as well:-



She sighed, "She basically said I was being the asshole there knowing how you had just saved me at the ball-

"Um, saved? You save someone who is already falling." I then shrugged my shoulders, "I never even let you stumble."


Now there is this one, between Ashton and Massimo. You know the two and you know how funny of a relationship they both have, so if you want that? Comment here and lemme know, I'll upload that too!

Also, keep checking insta and TikTok for constant new updates. Recently, on insta, I am about to post a beautiful excerpt from TMAHLQ PART III, and I would want you guys to guess as to who said those lines. Deep lines which will leave you actually wondering.

Till then? Stay safe, stay happy and keep enjoying. Peace.


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