I miss you🥺

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Hello people, long time no see. Usually, Friday was our update day and I terribly miss you guys a lot. Hope that all of you are doing well mentally and physically. If you want to talk to me about anything which is disturbing you or something that you just want to let it off of your chest, do reach out to me and I will get back to you. I am currently not checking any Wattpad notifications at all, so message section is also not checked by me rn. Join the discord as I can reply to you there whenever I get the time.

Secondly, I terribly terribly miss Ashton and Sophia here where you guys used to read, love it and the comment your views. It felt as if I was talking to you guys, but you know how I had to take the book down from Wattpad as well as Inkitt, so that now it is on Amazon. How many of you guys have bought e-books and how many of you have bought paperbacks? And give me your reviews, whether it be on Goodreads or on my Amazon page. Can you guys leave a review there as it helps me a lot and I will forever be grateful. Hoping that you are loving the new version.

Furthermore, as you guys know that I have anger issues and sometimes, I do react out in anger and that's exactly what I did when I deleted the excerpt book. Once a book is deleted, nothing can be done then and hence..................I have uploaded it again under my profile. I'll see about the previous ones but the new excerpts are there and more are coming your way so, the Romanno fam is stays alive. Hope you will love those as well.

Once, the whole of TMAHLQ is up on Amazon, I will be starting ANOTHER book, right here, on Wattpad. I am again giving you a chance to guess the main theme of that book. Once that book finishes, THEN I'll write the finale book for TMAHLQ and throw it on Amazon. Hope you guys wouldn't get tired of me lol and will stick to the journey.

Until then, talk to me here, converse freely and be a little vocal. Thank you.



P.s. Amazon Kindle was live on March 30, 2022 and paperbacks were live way before that. And....................TMAHLQ pt.2 is going onto Amazon in another few months.

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