twenty-three : Ten laps?!

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"Ugh, my head hurts"

"How does your head still hurt when the party was two days ago?"

"Its the after affect. You wouldn't understand."


You rolled your eyes at Skys bewildering statement and pulled her along, following wherever Angel and Xai is going.

You were currently at the mall with your friends and tagged along because Angel decided it would be a great idea to shop on a Tuesday afternoon. Robin wasn't with for she was busy babysitting her cousins. 'Lucky her' you thought. Its not like you hated shopping, you just preferred not going to some shops that only fitted people who were on the slim end. Looking at all these small sizes made you think how you could never wear or fit into something like a crop top or jeans.

Oh, how you hated exposing your body. Though you much prefer your baggy clothes you knew deep down that the clothes made you appear bigger than you seemed. Its not that you minded that but its the audacity of your mother reminding you that your 'style' is appalling and unladylike.

But who cares, you for sure didn't.

"Can we sit down now?" Sky asked, pointing at the bench that was across from you and pulling on your elbow.

"No, we just started walking" you said pulling your arm free from her grip. She glared at you and flicked your forehead.

You sighed, rubbing your forehead and clenching your jaw. You continued walking and gripped Skys wrist. "Quit being a baby and behave."

"Buy me ice cream"

You rolled your eyes and ignored her, but reminding yourself to buy her ice cream later. You followed Xai and Angel into a store and glanced around at the clothes and jewelry decorating the store.

"What are we buying?" Sky asked behind your back and you shrugged. You pulled her to sit on a chair and you sat next to her. "Why are we here if we not buying anything" sky whined.

"We decided to buy manga remember?"

Sky gasped lightly and nodded her head cutely. You laughed and shook your head at her cuteness. You looked up when you heard Angel call your name and you quickly went to her telling Sky to sit still.

"I'm not a baby you know!"

"Then stop acting like one" you mumbled.

"I heard you!"

"What?" You shouted already far from her as you walk to the clothing rake Angel is at.

"What's up?" you asked. Angel held up a plain black long sleeve shirt that looked quite small but you assumed it was a crop top? You didn't know, you always bought what thought that looked good without knowing what the name of the item is.

"This will look great on you, Angel" you smiled. Angel laughed, shaking her head. "I want you to try this on."

Ha, no.

She must be kidding.

Angel could see your conflicted gaze and ushered you into a changing room. "Don't complain! Try it on you might like it."

"I can already tell I won't like it!" You argued back, but you didn't fight back as Angel pushed you into the room and threw the shirt into your arms. "Trust me you will look great!"

Angel closed the curtain and you turned around glancing at yourself in the mirror but looked away from yourself as you took off your black baggy shirt. You wore a plain black shirt and a long pleated skirt with your black converse.

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