Six: Stalker

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"My head hurts" you groaned.

"Take a painkiller" Sky said, scrolling through her phone. You sighed, too lazy to get up from your bed. You tilted your head up to look at Sky who laid next to you. Sky continued tapping and scrolling on her phone ignoring your pleading gaze.

"I'm not getting up"

You whined, kicking your legs and throwing your arms in the air like a misbehaved child. "Please" you begged, making your voice slightly higher.

Sky looked at you then back at her phone. You scowled at her and got up to get the pills. While you were downstairs, Sky occupied herself in investigating on the boy you bumped into. She wanted to know who he was and what did he major in. She for sure knew that he was at same college as them.

Sky scrolled through pictures on the school website trying to find any clue that lead to the boy. Her eyes flickered when she caught sight of tinted red hair.


She tapped on the picture, a slight frown took place on her pretty face and she bit on her bottom lip lightly. She was so focused on finding his name that she didn't notice you enter your room and looking onto her phone.

"Why are looking for demon boy?" You asked, making Sky jump.

"You gave me a fright" Sky said voice soprano. You chuckled and patted your friends head as sky swatted your hand away.

"You're a real bitch" Sky said, eyes focusing back onto her phone.

"I know" you grinned and laid your chin on her shoulder. "So why are you looking for him?"

"I want to know his name"

"Well, isn't he tagged on the picture?" You asked and leaned forward.

"If he was tagged I wouldn't have been looking for him still now would I?"

You rolled your eyes at her sarcastic comment. The pictures that popped up of the red haired were quite interesting. There pictures of the boy working out in the gym and training with other people.

Body builder? You assumed.

"His a body builder?" You said and Sky bopped her head. "Seems like it"

You brows scrunched in a frown and you got up from your bed. "Whatever you plan on doing I will not go along with" you said and Sky looked up at you. Sky grinned and you showed no reaction to her shenanigans. Sky was known to torment those who angered her or hurt those she loved. You told her countless of times to let it go but each time she told you; if I don't do anything that person will do the same thing to someone else.

You gave up on trying to stop her. You hated violence and your friend seemed to enjoy it so much that she ignores your protest.

"I wasn't going to ask you join, you know I like handling things myself." Sky said, looking back down at her phone.

You sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose. "He apologised. There is no need on finding out his name"

"I want to hear his apology myself and witness how sincere he is" sky said voice honeyed.

"My god, can you not just leave it? He apologised to me. You don't have to hunt the boy down like his your prey." You said, exasperated. "Sky, for once, don't start anything. He got what he deserved already" you said sternly.

Sky and you stared at each other for while both fighting with your gazes and you refused to give in. Sky was the first to turn her head and sighed. "Fine. I won't do anything."

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