eight: secret mission

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You abruptly stood up, staring at namjoon with deer like eyes and jimin held his breath as you stood in front of your crush awkwardly.

Jimin gazed back and forth between you two. He has never seen you so flustered. Jimin wasn't going to lie that he found it quite funny, but he knew that you needed help.

Being the great friend he was, jimin stood up and planted his arm over your shoulder. He casually leaned against you and you stared at him in wonder but also relieved to have him next to you.

"Hey, jimin" namjoon smiled sweetly at the younger.

"Hey, Joon hyung" jimin flashed his famous eye smile that made women and men fall for his beautiful charms.

Namjoon mentally cooed at the younger. "You guys out for lunch?" Namjoon asked clearing his throat and glancing over at minho. Minho bowed in his seat at namjoon and namjoon bowed back.

You watched the two quick interaction, until you felt jimin move closer against you and tilting his head lower to whisper in your ear. "Now's your chance to tell him."

Your eyes peeled back.

You were about to run but jimin held onto your arm firmly and pulled you back. Namjoon watched you two with curious eyes. "Namjoon" jimin called out and you pinched jimins arm.

Jimin silently groaned, holding onto his arm and pretending to be unaffected by the sudden sting in his arm. "What are doing right now?"

You couldn't breath.

You wanted to slap jimin in his stupid adorable face. You wanted to crawl in a hole and hide forever. Part of you wanted to hide, but another part of you hoped that maybe namjoon was free. Jimin was right and so were your friends. If you really did like namjoon for so long, he should know. Whether he rejected you or not you wanted him to know how you truly felt.

Would it be a mistake? Not necessarily, but its a risk that you found ready for.

"I bought a ice coffee, so I could go take walk in the park and watch the sunset" namjoon said.

Jimins smile widened and he stepped forward towards namjoon. "That's great! We were about to leave soon. I was heading back with minho to practice some dancing and teaching him some new moves. Y/N was going to tagalong but I'm sure she would love to go for a walk" jimin said glancing over at you and back at namjoon.

A light brush crept onto your face. You knew your face has been burning throughout your whole encounter with namjoon. You hated how easily flustered you got just by breathing the same air as him.

"Sure, I would love the company" namjoon winked at you and you felt your heart skip a beat.

Jimin beamed at namjoon, pulling you, jimin pushed you into namjoon and you stepped back a bit, almost crashing into namjoons chest. "Run along now you two" jimin shooed you and namjoon away. Namjoon chuckled, but obliged to the sassy boy.

Namjoon walked out first and you glared at jimin who blew you a kiss and mouthed 'good luck'. Jimin was like a mother wanting to set her daughter up with a perfect boy. You scowled, grabbing your bag and quickly rushing out.

"Oh, so his the famous namjoon" Minho said pointing towards the café exit where he saw you trailing after the boy like a lost puppy.

Jimin rolled his eyes.

"How are we related?" Jimin breathed out, shaking his head. "Let's hope she confesses"

"Wanna follow them?" Minho asked jokingly.

"No, we shall not - you know what? Lets go" jimin said and throwing a couple bucks onto the table.

"Wait- really?" Minho asked bewildered.

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