fifteen: concussion

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A slither of golden rays shone through the window as you rubbed your swollen eyes, trying to keep yourself awake.

The bus helped keep your sleepy form awake as it rattled your body. You peered through the window and yawned once seeing your next stop in full view.

With lazy footsteps you rang the bell, indicating the bus driver your stop. Halting, you stepped off the bus and made your way to the gym. Your body was exhausted for waking up so early, use to sleeping late, you stifled yet another yawn.

You checked the time, reading six thirty, you surprised yourself for actually waking up this early, but you needed to prove a point. To prove to jungkook that you actually can be punctual and practical, you hate being doubted.

You gripped your duffel bag tightly onto your shoulder, stood up straight with a puffed up chest and made your way to the gym head held high. You pushed open the doors, halting, you looked around at the dark and empty reception.

You frowned, thinking chanyeol would come this early, but your thoughts were wrong. Shrugging, you walked to the gym area.

With slow steps you walked onto the carpeted floor. You shrugged your bag off your shoulder and dropped it on the floor next to you. You inhaled deeply and exhaled as you glanced around the gym. You stood in the middle of the large area, the gym equipment on your left side and on your right were treadmills. You walked towards the treadmills and gazed at the large machinery. You shivered at the thought of running on that, you could already tell that you would fall horribly if you tried.

Your ears perked as a loud sound caught your attention. Startled, you turned your head but didn't see anything near you fall. Strange, you thought and turned your head again as the sound got louder as you walked further down the gym. You frowned not noticing this part of the gym. You heard the sound more clearly now, and quickly walked towards it. In the middle of the room was a wrestling ring, on the sides were large ropes and punching bags. You heart raced in anticipation. You were definitely going to nag jungkook on training you here.

You walked over to the punching bags and saw gloves lying on the floor. You placed them on your hands excitedly and stood in a fighting stance in front the punching bag. You were excited to try it out, you always wanted to try wrestling or boxing but because of your worry about your weight you didn't think it was something for you and also you had a soft heart, you didn't like hurting people.

Raising your fisted glove, you threw your arm back and pushed yourself forward, but before your fist could come in contact with the bag, the bag slammed hard into your face. The smack sound echoed loudly and you fell with a thud.

You heard someone curse, before you were knocked out cold. The last words you heard were 'Im so dead' and if you were conscience you would have sure laughed because those are the words you always used when faced by jungkook.

Oh how the tables have turned.


"Tell me again how this happened?" jungkook asked as he stared at the flustered boy.

You laid unconsciously between them, body sprawled out like a starfish. Jungkook looked down at your lifeless body and almost winced at the bright red mark on your cheek, your mouth wide open as drool dripped down the side of your mouth.

How appealing.

Jungkook looked up expectedly at the boy who has trained in his gym since he was a kid. The boy rubbed the back of his head nervously, nibbling on his bottom lip lightly as he stared up at jungkook. "I-" before the boy could say anything a loud crash interrupted their conversation.

"HYUNJIN YOU LITTLE SHIT YOU GAVE SOMEONE A CONCUSSION AGAIN?!" the screeching voice came stomping in.

The loud boy gripped onto the poor boys tank top and pulled him up their chest almost touching and his feet being slightly lifted from the floor. Hyunjin rolled his eyes knowing he shouldn't have called him. Lesson learned.

"Hyung, put me down I didn't give anyone a concussion."

"Well then, explain to me why there is someone lying on the floor, you punk!?" He gripped the material tighter and glared at the younger who stared at him bored.

"Changbin" jungkook called out making his presence noticed. Changbin was quick to let go of the boy and quickly bowed deeply at his instructor following with a hoarse apology.

Jungkook gave a curt nod and moved his gaze back to hyunjin. "Explain hyunjin" jungkook sighed out, rubbing at his temples.

"I don't know what happened really. I was listening to music while doing my daily workout with the punching bag, when suddenly I heard a loud thud and that's how I found her"

"I swear if you gave her a concussion your ass will be handed to you" changbin declared clapping his hands together to make himself seem intimidating.

Hyunjin let out a annoyed sigh. "Hyung, it wasn't on purpose and in my defense I had no clue she was there, also you should really think about what you say" hyunjin cringed as he stared at the older boy.

Changbin was close to punching the boy when jungkook cleared his throat. "You two may go"

"Wait, jeon what about her?" Changbin asked staring at your body that twitched.

"She's my responsibility. You two may go"

They both bowed and walked to the other side of the gym. Hyunjin staring back at you with a guilty expression. I hope she will be okay, he thought and quickly made his way out to his fuming hyung.

Once they were gone jungkook face palmed himself. He couldn't believe you would be this stupid to get yourself knocked out. He felt like he was dealing with child and how he so badly would like to teach you a lesson you won't forget. You came early for once which was good but for jungkook you were supposed to be on time since day one.

He had no one else to blame but himself. He should have never agreed to helping you but you too darn stubborn and he wanted a bit of revenge from how your friend  hurt his pride. Sighing deeply, he crouched down and looked over you again but much closely.

His hard stare on your face unconsciously softened. Ignoring the drool that has stopped but stained the side of your mouth, your lips was slightly parted as you breathed gently, chest raising and falling. You hair was all over your face, your long hair was a mess as if it was a hurricane itself.

Jungkook practically gawked at your hair as if tempting him to touch your soft brown silky hair. He slowly extended his hand onto your head and lightly brushed off the fallen strains that covered your face. He was a bit taken aback by how soft and angelic your face looked. Everything about you reminded him of a puppy; a troublesome but yet adorable puppy.

He didn't catch on that your eyes soon fluttered open, bright light blinding you from the unknown person. Vision clearing a bit, blinking your eyes rapidly and lips in pout as you frowned slightly.

"Angel" you gasped out.

Jungkooks large hand that was stroking your hair was frozen as well as the rest of his strong body. He glanced down and almost smiled but held it back as his dark obsidian eyes bore into your soft chocolatey eyes.

You raised your hand and stroked his cheek delicately and softly smiled up at him. You gave him a weak, innocent but yet sweet genuine smile that almost made jungkook turn to stone.

"Angel" you called out again with a soft and clear tone.

Jungkook didn't do anything but stare into your eyes, his brows furrowed in confusion. He didn't have to think long before your hand went limp and you were once again out cold.

"How hard did that boy hit you, jesus"


Please be safe <3

Thank you for all your love!

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