fourteen: The Beatles

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You fucking hate running.

Not because its good for you, you could totally agree on that but wow does it take all your energy.

Breathing heavily, heaving, trying to contain as much oxygen as you can muster pissed you off to the most absolute. Like why the fuck do people torture themselves by running? That was absolutely mental to you.

But here you were running to your session.

Well, late lesson, again.

You were cursing at yourself for over sleeping and your sisters taking ten years to get done in the bathroom. The wonderful life of living with girls. Note the sarcasm.

You ran down the street in a rush, people who passed by, watching you run would have thought you were a maniac. Why are you running?! That meme ran through your head and you were quick to laugh in a matter of seconds. Now, people would definitely think you are a maniac.

You felt a slight pain start to build at the side of your stomach, you stopped and took a deep breath, you honestly didn't care that you were ten minutes late now, jungkook can wait. So instead of running like before you fast walked there.

You saw the building of the gym and with lightning speed you busted through the door and ran to jungkooks office. Yes you cared, but you kinda didn't, but obviously jungkook didn't need to know that. Chanyeol watched your chubby form run and couldn't help but chuckle, "oof, she's in for it today."

Halting, you took a few breaths, heart smashing through your ribcage, you managed to stop your heavy breathing and knocked onto the door calmly.

The feeling of deja vu washed over you and you were hoping this time, maybe just maybe, jungkook would let you off the hook.

Well, scratch that thought out.

Just like before jungkook leaned against his large desk, his biceps was on full show today but you ignored that and looked at jungkooks furious gaze.

His going to murder me, again!

You breathed heavily through your nose, trying so hard to suppress your hard breathing but failed. "I suppose you ran all the way here?" jungkook asked eyes glancing down to his crossed arms.

You nodded your head vigorously.

He smirked at that, causing you to shiver in fear. That crazed smirk made your insides churn and heart pound profusely, if he wasn't scary enough.

You swallowed hard, patiently anticipating his next move, or what jungkook would call it a heartfelt punishment.

"I warned you did I not?"

"Well, in my defense I was late for a reason" you fiddled with your fingers and licked your bottom lip.

"Let me guess, you over slept? Am I correct?"

"Dude, you are telepathic" you pointed at him, mouth agape and eyes wide. You chuckled but zipped your mouth quickly as jungkook gave you a warning glare.

"You are so childish" jungkook breathed out.

"Correction, I'm weird not childish" you beamed, jungkook rolled his eyes in annoyance and walked towards you. Sighing, jungkook walked past you and you turned around as you watched him exit his office. "Follow me"

Can I not catch a break? You groaned, following jungkook to wherever he is taking you. You followed jungkook to the entrance of the gym, jungkook halted and turned to chanyeol behind the desk. "I'm going out. I'll be back late. Make sure the boys work out to their fullest they have a match coming up and I do not want them slacking off" jungkook firmly spoke.

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