five: stupid girl

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You stared up at the fiery red haired boy. His dark obsidian eyes matching his hair, his brows arched down, mouth formed in a straight line and jaw clenched.

He stared at you, gaze blazed.

For all you knew the boy was pissed.

You held your backpack in front of you, needing something to protect you from this boy's dark gaze. You nervously smiled, stepping back a bit and holding the straps of your bag tightly.

God, please save me from this demon.

"Why do we always meet like this?" The boy muttered, sighing afterwards.

"Uh, coincidence?" You said nervously and almost squealed at the boy's sharp glare.

Well, I'm fucked.

"Why are you looking at my friend like that?" Sky said, eyes cold and face in a scowl. Sky stood in front of you as she stared the boy down.

The red haired boy glared back at your short friend, finding your friend anything but intimidating. The boy scoffed and stared back at you. You panicked and hid behind Skys small frame.

"Your friend over there," he said pointing towards you. "Can never watch were she is fucking going"

Sky smiled.

Your breath hitched, you knew that smile all too well.

This was Skys; Crazy bitch smile.

You took two steps back. Your friends came running to your side, knowing what will happened.

Once sky is angry there is no way to get her back.

R.I.P bunny boy.

"She apologised to you, correct?" Sky said ever so calmly. The hair on your arm raised as Sky stepped closer to the boy.

"She can kiss my ass-"

Oh shit.

Sky punched the boy in the throat, causing him to stumble back, choking, he held his throat and Sky took that chance to punch the boy in the face, hard. The boy fell to floor, holding his wounded face. Sky raised her leg, swinging it to kick him, but you and your friends were quick to hold her back.

R. I. P me.

Sky fought against your restraints. Xai and Angel held Skys arms while robin held her waist. Sky might be tiny but she was the strongest amongst your friends, well around everyone you knew, Sky was strong. You stood in front of her trying to calm your raging friend down. You knew when she got like this all she saw was red, ready to kill anyone in her way.

You held Skys face in your hands. Gently caressing her cheek as you forced her to stare at you.

"I'm going to fucking kill him." Sky shrieked. Scaring many customers that sat nearby. You shushed her, placing your forehead against hers. Gluing your foreheads together and caressing her cheek always seemed to calm Sky.

"Sky, calm down. Its okay, I'm okay. Please, calm down." You whispered, staring into sky's eyes. Sky breathed heavily, she huffed, but finally calmed down and stopped fighting. You nodded at your friends to let her go and they obliged.

Sky looked down at the ground tirelessly. Her fist still tight and breathing shallow. You pulled her into you and engulfed her in a hug. "You were protecting me, okay? Don't be upset. If it makes you feel any better he kind of deserved it." You chuckled and leaned back to look at Sky. Sky had a small smile on her face and had her arms wrapped around your waist, loosely.

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