twelve: Him

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"What about this? And this?" Angel asked sky as she pointed at her mathematical problem. "Do you think this will be the answer?"

"What do I look like to you? Ask Robin. I don't do maths." sky leaned back in her seat and rested her head behind her arms.

"Hopeless cunt" Angel cursed and stood up leaving Sky on her own.

Sky laid on the bleachers seats with her eyes closed and one earphone inserted in her ear. She sighed and relaxed her body enjoying the cool air.

"Come to my house lets die together" she sang to herself.

"A friendship that will last forever"

You sang the last bit and smiled sitting down next to sky. Sky smiled, pushing herself up and laying her head onto your lap.

"I was wondering where you were" you spoke poking skys forehead.

"I was with Angel. She was asking me maths equations" you snorted at that. Knowing sky she hated maths. Everyone hates math but they stuck with it. "You and I both know you're not the best in math"

"Exactly, that's why I do Art" you chuckled and spoke about random things to her, until you  realized you were suppose to meet jimin.

"Oof, gotta go" you patted skys head for her to lift her head, but she just laid there staring up at you. "Where you going?"

"I'm going to see jimin"

"Wow, you ditch your best friend just like that" sky stated sarcastically and you nodded lifting her head. "Yup. Now move, fathead."

She hit your leg as you stood up from the bleachers and you chuckled walking away.

"You are officially disowned!"

Holy shit.

You internally gushed at the sight. You knew Jimin was a good dancer, but watching him now and from when you were kids; a WHOLE different person emerged. One would think you were exaggerating, but he turned the heads of many.

You were not the only one who watched jimin with fascination. Other students stood next to you as well, mesmerized by the boy's strong physique and powerful moves.

Jimin was light on his feet. Each move delicate and graceful. Your eyes could not keep up, mouth ajar, you watch every move. You winced as he beautifully parted his legs in a split and leaned forward with ease. He swayed with the music, his body flowed like a calm ocean as he lifted his leg high sharply cutting the air with one swift kick. His thigh muscles flexing and tensing. You gulped, staring wide eyed.  You were so captivated by his dancing you do not notice minho standing next to you and poking you;trying to grab your attention.

The music soon came to an end. Jimin laid sprawled on the floor breathing heavily. You applauded his performance, cheering loudly as the other students joined in. Jimin tilted his head back his gaze falling on you. He lifted himself from the ground and ran over to you with a huge smile playing on his face.

He lifted you, locking his arms around your waist and spun you. You let out a small squeal holding tightly onto his  shoulders. You hit his arm as he placed you on your feet.

"I'm heavy. Don't break yourself because of me"

Jimin rolled his eyes and flicked your forehead.

"Stop insulting yourself. You're not heavy" jimin noticed your cute pout and lifted his arm over your shoulder. "You're so cute"

"I am not!" You huffed, struggling to get jimin off of you.

"Aw look she's blushing" minho cooed pulling on your cheeks softly.

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