twenty: akaashi

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"Oh please spare me"

"Mhm, I wonder where jimin is? He's always looking for love and attention"

"Sit your ass down"

Sky pulled you down, laying her head on your lap as you both watched rerun of Friends. You patted her head and laughed at her little pout.

"You coming to the party later right?" Sky asked, turning her head and pinching your cheek. You winced and nodded your head.

"You didn't tell me who's party it is" you exclaimed, rubbing your sore cheek.


You stiffened at the sudden name. This is yoongis party?? That boy is so antisocial you were surprised that he would be hosting one, but that is not why you were suddenly flustered.

"Namjoon would sure be there then..." you muttered, feeling your heart squeeze in your chest.

Just the mention of that mans name had you weak. Sky could clearly see how flustered you are and flicked your forehead.

"Or not"

You looked down at sky with furrowed brows, head tilting to the side in confusion. "He's just like you. Not a big fan of parties."

"Well I'm being forced to go. I'm sure his friends are forcing him too"

Sky nodded, "probably"

You looked up at the tv, gaze focused on the scene before you, while you played with your friends short hair. Minutes later sky rolled off your lap and stood up, stretching her short limbs as she walked out of the lounge. You got up too, hands behind your head as you followed sky.

"You leaving?"

You asked, watching sky open the front door with a nod and walked outside. You stood outside too biding your friend a goodbye until she stopped in her tracks when a little ball of energy ran past her "EOMMA"

Sky spun around so fast almost falling as her eyes grew huge when a little boy embraced you and continued to spurt out eomma. When the fuck...HOW THE FUCK??!!

Sky placed a hand on her head feeling suddenly light headed. She raised her right arm pointing at you weakling and you stared at her with a bemused frown. You held the little boy in your arms, walking carefully down the steps as you approached your pale friend.

"Sky meet akaashi, akaashi this is my best friend sky" you told him and gave his head a encouraging pat to greet your friend. The little boy held onto your shoulders tightly, burying his face into your neck, completely ignoring your friend.

Oh, he must be shy.

You giggled at how cute the little boy was, you held him tighter in your arms and ruffled his dark brown hair gently.

"Since...since WHEN DO U HAVE A CHILD"

Sky shouted in horror to the boy in your arms and you looked at her as if she had grown another head. "He's my child so what?"


"Yes, I'm speaking your language"

"Oh my god, what will our friends think??" Sky paced, eyes wide and hair disheveled as she continued to pull on it. "Is that why you away that one time its because you had a child??"

"What? What are you talking about?" you laughed at skys ludicrous accusation. You bit on your bottom lip, helplessly trying to contain your laughter. You can feel your lungs start to burn, body trembling as you held in your breath and watch your friend in hysteria.

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