one: crush

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Running was not part of your vocabulary as well as exercise, fitness and all that other shit your body refused to do.

Here you were though, going back on your word. You jogged on the schools field and you currently did three laps but your body was already tired. You ached all over, not use to doing any running besides in P.E but that seemed easier than what your trainer is doing to you.

You slowed down a bit trying to catch your breathe. You stopped and placed your hands on your knees breathing heavily.

"Did I tell you to stop?"

Startled by the sudden voice, you let out a shriek and kicked the persons leg hard. You held up your hands in defense, ready to punch the stranger, if need be. Until you realised, you fucked up.

Your trainer laid on the floor groaning and clutching on his leg that you kicked. Your eyes widened in shock and gasped

"OH MY GOD, JUNGKOOK!" You screamed, crouching down to help the man.

"Its mr. Jeon to you, y/n" jungkook croaked out.

"Now isn't the time, jungkook" you rolled your eyes. You winced,"wait- let me, uh, let me  get you a ice pack" you said and hurriedly ran to your schools building

You quickly came back, ice pack in hand as you ran over to jungkook. Jungkook sat up, he tried bending his leg but each time he did he felt a terrible sting hit his leg.

"How is that you ran so fast when I got hurt but can't run on track" he said, when you crouched down and gently placed the ice pack on his leg.

"You were hurt" you said simply, "I'm sorry for hurting you. I thought you were some wacko" you added chuckling. However, Jungkook didn't find it amusing  at all.

You sighed, already tired of jungkook. If it were up to you, you sure would have done this all by yourself but even though you hated to admit it, you needed jungkook. He was strict, yes. But him being strict helped you a lot. The only thing you did wish for though if he could crack a smile once in a while.

If your wondering how you ended up excising, becoming fit and jungkook being your trainer?

Well this all started three weeks ago.

The alarm of your clock rang in your room, you groaned and slammed your hand on the snooze button.

You twisted in your blankets as you tried to get out of it. You fell helplessly on the floor with a loud yelp. You groaned rubbing your head and slowly getting up. You heard footsteps outside your door and like the flash, the door slammed open and in came your sisters with a very hyper dog.

Your dog, tiger, came running in and jumped onto you. He was a mixed Dalmatian and Labrador, he was a beautiful dog and what made him even more beautiful was his eyes. One eye being brown and the other blue. You laughed loudly and hugged the dog.

"What was the loud noise?" your sister, soojin asked. "Obviously she fell" your other sister, soohyun, laughed. You glared at the two twins and ushered them out.

"Oh yeah, Sunmi said you have to hurry. Shes leaving in 10 minutes" soojin told you and you slammed the door into the twins face. You hurriedly picked up different outfits. You found a track pants, now all you need was a sweater. Tiger barked, wanting attention and you ignored him. He barked again and you looked up. Tiger had in his mouth your favorite black, run dmc sweater. You took the sweater from tigers mouth and patted his head.

"Good boy" you smiled.


"Good girl" your sister patted your head as you sat in the passenger seat. You arrived five minutes early in the car, and this impressed your sister.

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