seventeen: all because I...ripped my pants

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For the rest of the day, to your utter relief, no one has noticed the horrid bruise on your face. Sky hasn't noticed either which made you glad but to be safe you made sure to stand at least three feet away from her.

As for hoseok? Well you avoided him completely rather not risking a chance for the boy to hold you. Being your best friend for years he still hasn't learnt what the term personal space means nor following it.

Although you felt bad, you already knew how you would make it up to him. Lots of cuddles and he loves it when you sleep over to watch movies with him like you did when you were kids. The good old days when you both got in trouble together, people always referring you two as the misfits of school. When you got in trouble hoseok would be there to receive punishment with you and you would do the same for him. You both faced your problems together; never leaving each other to defend for themselves. You smiled unknowingly to the thought of your long friendship, walking to the back of the school towards the track and field area.

Just like you promised jungkook, you came early for your workout after you had finished your last class, but at a different destination. Don't get it wrong, just because you listened to jungkook doesn't mean you would always be obedient. You liked getting on the fiery head boys nerves.

Tiredly, you walked onto the track field. Wearing your baggy south park printed shirt, with cycling tights that you recently discovered deep in your closet and you lazily gazed ahead at the familiar scenery. So, jungkook decided it would be a great idea to work out with you outside instead of the gym.

You actually applauded jungkook on this, immediately agreeing with this sudden change of events. It made you feel at ease that you didn't have to face that boy, dying from embarrassment if you ever did.

You took a deep breath, awaiting for jungkooks arrival and settled to enjoy the warm breeze prickling your skin. The fresh air filled your lungs effortlessly and you exhaled with a deep huff. You continued with your little breath exercises until you heard footsteps approach you.

Turning around, your eyes met with jungkooks intimidating gaze. You gave him a small smile to greet him and responded with a simple nod. You gazed over his attire and admired his simple yet casual work out clothes. You thought he would wear a shorts but instead he wore a black sweatpants and a loose fitting black tee.

"I want you to do ten push ups for me" jungkook suddenly spoke, crossing his arms over his chest.

You flinched, but quickly scrambled onto the grass. You laid on the prickly grass, your hands flat and elbows bent as your chest touched your hands. Jungkook wasn't really specific on whether to do man or women push up. To save yourself, you chose to do women push ups.

You started pushing your body up, knees bent and legs crossed in the air. You let out a shaky breath as you did your first push up, arms shaking uncontrollably.

Shit, this is harder than I thought it would be.

You just had to breath. That's it. Breath...


You kept telling yourself over and over. You laid sprawled on the ground your body in pain from doing just two push ups.

Okay, this is just pathetic.

"Are you seriously tired, already?" The red haired man asked exasperated.

"No, I'm just laying. My body is prepping for the workout" you responded matter of factually and sat up.

"P-prepping? What the hell, we ain't cooking here" your trainers voiced pitched higher in aggravation. You smiled sheepishly and he beckoned you to stand up.

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