new years special

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It was a week before the new years dance. The day you discovered about the dance, everyone was buzzing about it and when you speak of everyone you meant the girls were ecstatic.

Your friends were excited as well to spend new years at a dance instead at home stuffing their face with anything they can find. You, however were not in the mood for the dance, yeah you were happy but excited was a understatement. Sky didn't seem to thrilled about it either, which made you wonder if she actually did want to go.

You sat in art class, tapping your pencil on your desk, hand under your chin as you stared at nothing in particularly. You stopped all movements and glanced over to your friend, who looks to be asleep. You tutted and walked over to her.

Tapping Skys head continuously, Sky whacked your hand away but you continue to pester until she groaned and looked up at you.

"What? What do you want that you had to wake me up?" Sky said aggravated. You simply smiled and sat on the empty seat next to hers. "So you heard about the new year dance right?"

"Who hasn't" Sky said quietly, rubbing at her eyes. She yawned and sat a bit upper in her seat, leaning her head against her arm. "Are you going to go?"

"No. Why'd you ask?" Sky asked lazily, eyes droopy as she stifled yet another yawn.

"Just curious, I didn't feel like going either." Sky nodded at your statement and fell asleep again. You took that cue to go back to your seat. If you and sky both don't attend that would not sit well with your other friends. If they had dates then you definitely were not going, you would rather stay at home than seventh wheel, you were sure sky wouldn't mind but that would just be totally awkward.

You wondered if jimin would go? Shit, then they'll definitely drag you.


"You're not going?" Jimin asked in disbelief. You shook your head and swirled in your chair as you sipped your ice coffee.

"What a bore, you should really consider going. I would go as your date but my family is having a get together" jimin pouted, while you shrugged.

"It doesn't matter" you muttered, playing with the cool metal straw between your lips. Jimin sat on your bed with attentive eyes, thumping his finger against his empty glass.

"Why don't you ask namjoon?"

Caught off guard, you choked on your drink and coughed profusely, lightly patting your chest. "Are you insane?" You squeaked.

Jimin chuckled, carding a hand through his messy hair. "Oh, come on now. It wouldn't hurt to try"

You shook your head.

"He wouldn't want to go with me"

"And who gave you that impression?"

"I did, its obvious. Besides I'm far off to be his type" you chuckled. You placed your glass onto your dresser and sat upper, pulling your left leg towards you and hugging it against your chest.

Jimin frowned and moved forward, resting his elbows against his thighs. "Type? No one has types. You choose to believe he won't like you, but if you tried maybe he would give you a chance. People seek wants in the heart, but we live in a society that judges people based on looks. If we could be with people we wanted to be with and not care about other people, we would be so much happier."

You nodded as you took in jimins words.

"Jimin" you whispered, "its not that easy. Its not easy to just express to someone how we feel, I feel exposed. I don't want to tell him because I'm terrified of the outcome."

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