eighteen: heartless bitch

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"You know, if I didn't love you I would have abandoned you long ago"

"To bad, you love me way too much"

"I feel so used"

You chuckled as jimin dramatically clutches his chest indicating his sullen wound. You remained cautious behind his back, using jimin as a shield from the person you were hiding from.

Hoping they won't find you, you were basically glued to jimins side all morning. You have spoken to jimin about your sudden distress and he completely understood why you were hiding but found it stupid that you were using him.

"You know if you found the boy who accidentally caused that" jimin pointed at your bruised eye covered with concealer, "Sky wouldn't kill him"

"I have no idea who he is!"

"And you think sky does?" Jimin retorted.

You let out a frustrated sigh, hands rubbing your face irritatedly, you wore a deep frown and walked aggressively onto concrete paving. "Jimin, if you knew sky like I did you would be hiding too"

Jimin tutted, "I'm no coward"

You stopped dead in your tracks as the words left jimins mouth with such smugness that it made you want laugh so damn hard from the bullshit that came out of jimins mouth. With a raised brow, you crossed your arms over your chest and stared ludicrously at jimin.

"Mhmm, not a coward you say," you glanced at your boots then back at jimin, lips pursed. "Well I distinctly remember you were coward and still are one"

"When was I ever coward?"

Your eyebrows lifted high in disbelief accompanied by a stifled laugh. You stared at jimin in disbelief and he completely brushed you off, finding your shock face unamusing.

I guess we should take a trip down memory lane.

"Your grandfathers function," you raised your hand showing him your pointing finger as one. "You, hoseok, tae something and I were fooling around and decided to explore the area" you said, smiling giddily at the memory.

"You wanted to back out as soon as we went down a dark hallway and your pussy ass ran off the second you heard a noise. If we were in a zombie apocalypse you would be the first to die, honestly"  you deadpanned.

You raised your hand showing a peace sign as you stuck out your tongue and closed your left eye. "Two!" You yelled. "When you were thirteen you were jealous that hoseok had his first kiss before you" you walked around jimin, standing up on your tippy toes you whispered in his ear, "but you never got your first kiss did you now, chim" you chuckled at jimins flushed face.

You leaned back and shoved your hand in jimins face indicating three. "Remember that time we were writing a maths test and suddenly you started screaming because there was a cockroach crawling up your leg" you bursted out laughing, mouth open wide as you doubled over, hands on your stomach and tears of joy fell from your cheeks.

"Don't get me started on your fear for butterflies" you squeaked, laughing so much more. Jimin stared at you left eye twitching, fists clenched and mouth agape.


"AH, SO YOU ADMIT YOU ARE A COWARD!" You pointed at him accusingly.

Jimin was stunned and being the stubborn man he was he didn't admit to your accusation instead he smiled and crossed his arms over his chest. Your brows creased in confusion as he pointed behind you, you turned around and thank god for your fast reflexes as you almost  lost your balance.

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