eleven: Chimchims bday

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Jimin groaned, rubbing his tired eyes and stretching

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Jimin groaned, rubbing his tired eyes and stretching. The sun light glistened through the curtain brushing upon his tan skin, shaking the blankets off, he got up from his bed and opened his bedroom door.

He sniffed the air and smiled as the smell of vanilla pancakes erupted the atmosphere. "Happy birthday, hyung!" A happy minho shouted jumping onto jimins back.

Jimin giggled, patting minhos arm. He walked into the kitchen with minho still on his back and spotted Taehyung flipping pancakes.

Taehyung felt a presence behind him and he smiled. Lowering the stove temperature, he placed his spatula on the counter and walked over to jimin with his arms spread wide. "Happy birthday chim!" He hugged jimin tightly while hearing complains from minho.

"Ow my back!" Minho rubbed the sore area and glare at Taehyung who just shrugged and went back to cooking. "Chim go sit. I'll bring the pancakes over when its done" jimin nodded and run to the couch plopping himself down.

Jimin watched TV with minho as he waited for his pancakes. Taehyung finished and walked to the couch placing the tray on jimins lap. "Thank you, Tae" jimin smiled brightly and immediately dug into his food.

"Oh hyung I almost forgot to tell you we going out later." Minho spoke jabbing his fork into a strawberry.

"Where to?"

"It's a surprise" he said raising his hands in a surprise gesture. Jimin giggled in excitement, he wondered what his best friend and cousin had planned.

"Oh where's jungkook?" jimin asked noticing that the young man had not left his bedroom yet.

"He left early this morning. Something about he has somewhere to be" Taehyung spoke taking a sip of his orange juice.

Jimin nodded and stood up to put his plate in the sink. He checked his phone and saw numerous messages from his parents (mostly his mom) and his friends. His smile faltered a bit. He didn't receive any message from you. Have you forgotten he thought. But he knew you wouldn't forget. He let it slide for now, you would probably message him later.

He reluctantly left the kitchen and dashed to the bathroom to get changed.


"I swear I'm working with two year olds" you groaned rubbing your throbbing headache.

"Yo, don't stress we will finish the decorations." Sky said patting your back as she leaned against the rail.

"It's not just the decorations. I don't know who is all invited and I asked minhyuk and changkyun to get me ice. But are they back yet? No they not."

"Never ask a dude to do a women job" angel walked in with huge amounts of ice. "Thanks shownu for the help. You can place the snacks over in the kitchen"

"Your saviour has arrived" angel waved her arms in the air.

"Wheres Xai and robin?" You asked walking in the house and closing the sliding door behind you.

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