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"Jesus Christ, Lauren..." Camila groaned.

"You can't stay in there the whole day!" The brunette started pounding on the door. She kept banging on the door and I just sniffle and buried my face in my pillow to try and stop the tears. "Just leave me alone!" My hoarse voice got muffled by the pillow but was audible enough for her to understand. "Lauren..." Camila groaned once again and the banging ceased.

I thought for a moment, did she finally leave?

Instead, I heard a body slide down the door and a loud thump following. I raise my head from the pillow and wiped my tears. Did she leave or something?

"Then I'm just going to sit on the floor until you decide you're alright enough to come out."

I sighed and contemplated whether or not I should go out. She's just trying to help me and I'm pushing her away all over again. I don't know how she ever put up with me. Mumbling incoherently, I jump out of bed and stood beside the door. "You're not going to leave anytime soon, are you?" My forehead leaned against the door. Curse her power over me.

"Nope." I hear a faint humming of a tune behind the door. Clicking my tongue, I finally obeyed.

"Fine..." As I opened the door, Camila's head fell on top of my sock-clad feet. Giggling, I crouch down to look at her face to face. I stare at her in the eye with a small smile. "Don't worry I'm doing better now." Camila smile thankfully. "That's great. You used to be even more depressed and you always would... You know." The girl sat up, crossing her legs. My eyes followed her every movement. "I know." Frowning, I sat beside her.

I know she's trying to be more careful towards me.

"I was just so sad. But you would always be there for me." I rest my head on her shoulder. Chuckling lightly, Camila ruffled my hair and I squirmed away glaring at her playfully.

"You're strong, remember that. You recovered. Your mother would of been very, very proud of you."

"Thanks." I mumbled quietly. Mother died when I was still dating Camila. She was just coming home from work. Apparently the authorities found her dead body with a gun shot wound on her chest. Her body wasn't found after a week the incident happened. Nobody found out who did it but I guess the police gave up on the case and I'm still hung up on it.

"It's alright to cry. She's your mother." She comforted me as if she was reading my mind.

Tears started to well in my eyes again and tears cascaded down my cheeks. I hug my knees to my chest and hid my face in my hands.

Crying loudly, Camila continued to comfort me. Dinah, Normani and Ally actually came to check up on me but I kick them out too, like I did with Camila. I'm glad Camila didn't leave, I can't bear crying all alone, mourning for my Mother's death. I would just hate to see the look of my friend faces when they see me this miserable.

"Why don't we visit her grave?"

"It's in Miami though..." I frowned. Camila giggled, "That doesn't matter! We have a week without school!"

"Are you sure you would do that for me?" Fiddling with my finger, I look up to Camila with unsure eyes. She replied truthfully "Of course it is. Your mother was a great woman. She's like my 2nd mother." I smiled at what she said. That's true. Mother really liked Camila and would always make her stay whenever she was at my house, which she would succeed in because Camila just couldn't say no to my mother.

"Besides we can visit your family while we're there. I can't wait to see Chris and Taylor again!" She exclaimed excitedly, clapping her hands like an excited child. I looked at her with adoration, not even noticing it. Freakin' hell how could someone be so adorable.

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