IX: Sisterly Love

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So basically, today is Sofi's birthday and I'm planning on asking my parents to take her out to have some fun and celebrate her birthday. I've asked Lauren if she's coming with me and she said she wouldn't wanna miss it. I planned a lot of things for us to do and I hope Sofi will like it. Lauren couldn't wait spending the day with Sofi either. We're going to have so much fun.

First, we are going to play laser tag, then we're going to eat. After that we are going to go to the park that my little sister and I used to go to frequently. But that's not all. My parents planned a surprise birthday party for her. So by the time we get home, Sofi will be surprised that there is more to her birthday celebration. I wanted it to be grand and memorable since we wouldn't be able to see each other in months. Let's just say that it's my way of making up to her.

I remember before, she told me how confused and scared she felt when everyday, she would come home from school and I'm not there to greet her anymore. Mom had to explain to her about how she wouldn't be able to see me everyday but only when I have the time to come visit. Finding out how much Sofi missed me made me think that I should spend as much time with Sofi.

So here we are now, planning about Sofi's birthday party in my parent's house. Lauren and I decided that we would invite her family to my sister's party. The more the merrier right? Besides, that's not the only reason. It would be opportunity for the whole family to spend some time together.

"It's so nice of you to surprise your sister for her birthday, Camila. She's going to be so happy." Mom pulled me into a tight hug, making me chuckle and hug her back. I smile at the thought of that, "What do you mean? I do it every year though?" I said to Mom.  "It's nothing new. Maybe a little bit since I wanted her 8th birthday to be different."

Mom chuckled while shaking her head playfully. She went back to the kitchen to do the dishes. I waited for Lauren and Sofi to come downstairs. The green-eyed beauty was helping Sofi pick out her dress.

A few minutes passed and that was when I heard footsteps coming downstairs. Turning my head, I smiled at the sight. Sofi skipped downstairs with Lauren holding her hand. Lauren smiled at me when we made eye contact. I smiled back and asked them, "Are you ready now Sofi?" I crouched down.

Sofi giggled and embraced me as she thanked me, "Thank you so much! We're going to have so much fun!" She jumped up and down in excitement.

"You look so beautiful in that dress." I held her hand together. "I know! Lauren picked it out for me." My sister pointed at Lauren. I looked at her and smirked, "Well, she definitely did a good job. You look so good in it!" I told her once again. Lauren hummed in agreement. "You told me that already!" Sofi looked at me and giggled like I was silly.

"Your sister is just saying the truth." Lauren shrugged. We laughed as Sofi covered her face with her hands bashfully.

Then I remembered that we had to go already.

"Mom! We're going now!" I shouted, hoping that she would hear from the kitchen. Then Mom came walking from the kitchen with a dish towel and a plate in her hand, "Be careful sweethearts!"

Before walking out of the door, I looked back at Mom and winked. She smiled and held a thumbs up. Great. Phase one finished. We then head outside and Lauren drove us to the mall where the laser tag place is and where we would eat. The ride was only 30 minutes.

The three of us arrived at the mall and we immediately went to the laser tag place. Lauren and Sofi are so pumped and even playfully said about they would kick each other's butt in the game. But of course I'm not playing around. I told them that I am the one who's going to beat the two of them. They both just pouted and sarcastically 'agreed'.

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