XVIII: A much needed vacation.

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I sat on the bed, my back against the headboard with my laptop in hand, editing the pictures that I have to pass to my professor in my Photography Class. Camila laid beside me, her leg under my right leg. She was on her phone scrolling through Tumblr as she giggled occasionally. The windows were open and the wind blew wildly, causing me to shiver. I looked down at my outfit and frowned. I was only wearing a tank top and some shorts. My girlfriend turned to me and noticed me shivering so she scooted closer to me and wrapped one arm around my shoulder.

I sighed, snuggling closer to her shoulder. "Warm." I mumbled in her covered shoulders and Camila giggled in response before lowering her head down to peck the side of my head. Smiling, I looked back at my work. I tapped my index finger on the keyboard as I admire my work. I couldn't help but keep smiling in adoration. Camila had her hair in a messy ponytail in the photo. Her mouth was slightly agape as she admired the beautiful view of New York City from above.

It is a beautiful sight seeing her hair getting blown away flawlessly by the strong wind. She wore one of my letterman jacket that I got from my little brother. Since Chris is bigger than her, the jacket was too baggy for her. The sleeves covered her whole arm and it almost went to her thighs. Honestly, it's so adorable. I said that the jacket was too big for her to wear but she was stubborn, saying that she wants to wear it because my scent still lingers. I couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear.

"Candid pictures of you are the best." I told Camila, gazing at her adoringly. She tilted her head to the side in confusion, making her look like a confused puppy. Biting my lip, I gestured the picture with my head. I heard a small gasp coming from her when she saw it, "I didn't know you took that!" Camila giggled. "I mean, that's what candid pictures are." I smirked, nuzzling my nose against her cheek.

Camila playfully glared at me and pushed my face away with her hand, "Whatever you say, Miss Smartypants." I pouted against her hand and then got an idea. I smirked as I licked her hand causing Camila to immediately jerk it away, wiping it on her blouse with a disgusted face. "Lauren!" She screeched, still wiping her hand on her blouse.

Snickering in amusement, I turned my head and continued to edit the photos that I took, completely ignoring her disgusted remarks. "Stop being so overly dramatic." The brown-eyed girl stayed quiet and instead continued to scroll through Tumblr. After a few miutes I was already finished. I yawned and put my laptop aside. After putting it away, I turned to fully lay on my side and wrapped my arms around Camila, nuzzling my head on her stomach.

She smiled at me, reaching out to scratch my scalp, causing me to practically purr. Camila giggled as she lowered her head to peck my nose, After a few moments of silence, my phone started ringing.

I groaned in annoyance, not wanting to step away from our comfortable position. "Answer it, it must be something important." Camila said, making me pout before sitting up and getting my phone from the bedside table. Regrettably, I answered the phone, not even bothering to check who called, "Hello?" I lazily said, picking at the bed covers. "Lauren! I was so worried about you!" My dad's familiar voice said worriedly through the phone. My face instantly lit up hearing him.

"Dad! How are you guys doing there at Miami?" I questioned, playing with my hair with an enthusiastic smile. "Oh we're doing great! Your friends and your sibling miss you so much." He mused. "Aww, tell them I miss them too." I cooed. Our conversation was flowing smoothly when I felt the bed shift and a head lay down on my shoulder comfortably. I smiled and pecked Camila's head before focusing back on our conversation.

"Oh, is there somebody with you? Hmm... Don't tell you got yourself another lover?" Dad's teasing voice said and I rolled my eyes even though he wouldn't be able to see me do it. "Dad... It was Camila. She's laying beside me right now." I said. Technically I didn't confirm nor deny it. Besides, I don't even know if Camila want my parents to know about our relationship yet. "Hmm... Well tell her I said hello."

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