XVII: Caught Red-Handed

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"Hey, let's go clean up your wounds." I smiled comfortingly at the heavily wounded girl. Lauren nodded quietly and stood up from the bed. She took of her jacket, laying it down on the bed and turned to me with her eye brows furrowed as she frowned. Sighing, I embraced her tightly once again. Her arms stay on her sides for a few seconds before she threw her arms around me, her hands held my shirt and she forms a fist. I felt her bury her face in between my neck making me sigh.

Soon, Lauren lifts her head up and removed her arms around me. I felt disappointed at the lost of contact but I shook it off and took her hand in mine, tugging her along to the couch. I made her sit on the couch quietly while I get the first aid kit. As I was carrying the tub of water to the living room, I felt my heart drop at the sight of Lauren. She had her hands on her head, looking down at the ground, green eyes not as lively as it used to be.

I put the tub of water down on the coffee table and kneeled on the carpeted floor causing Lauren to lift her head up. Her lips trembled slightly and her green eyes watering made my heart clench. When I got her attention, I turned her head so that Lauren faced me but her eyes didn't meet mine because she kept looking at the ground. Quietly, I grab a clean cloth and and dipped it in the water before pressing it lightly on the cuts on her face.

The photographer flinched a bit when I pressed it on her cheeks. After I was done cleaning her wounds, I put her chin in between my thumb and index finger and leaned so that I could place small kisses around her face that isn't wounded. "Good thing that the cuts aren't too deep." I mumbled, placing one hand on her cheek.

Lauren lifted her hand and grabbed mine that was on her cheeks, taking me by surprise. I watched Lauren's movements with hurt and confusion as she pressed my hand on her cheeks more. Her usually warm hands were now cold and trembling. It hurts me seeing her this heartbroken. "I knocked her out Camz. How could I... The pole had blood on it. S-She had a knife and I-I was just trying to defend myself. Camz, I'm so scared. I'm going to get in trouble for this aren't I?" Lauren whimpered helplessly.

My eyes moistened at the sight of my terrified girlfriend. Wanting to comfort her, I grabbed her hand that were once around mine with my free hand and leaned my forehead on hers. I closed my eyes, whispering "Lauren, you did nothing wrong. She had a knife and you were scared. You were only defending yourself. Ariana is the one at fault, she's going to get what she deserves for killing your mother and I'll be with you along the way. Please remember that and stop hiding this things from me. I care about you and it hurts that you didn't trust me enough to tell this."

"No Camz, I trust you with all my heart. I was just... I just didn't want you to get involved. You'll get in trouble too if they found out and I don't want that. I did it because you mean so much to me." Lauren admitted, running her hand over her hair, frustrated. "I'm your girlfriend, Lo. Of course I'm already involved because I chose to be with you and I love you. Whether you like it or not, you're not going to carry your burden all alone because I'm here for you."

"Thanks Camz." Lauren chuckled heartily making me grin in return before I finished up cleaning all of her wounds. "You know you could've told me. I would have beaten Ariana's ass." I joked, kind of. Lauren snorted adorably when she heard me threaten Ariana. "You're going to kick her ass? She did quite the number on me so I don't think you'd be able to kick her ass so easily."

The raven-haired woman smirked at me and crossed her arms. Pouting, I straightened up. "Hey! I am more than capable of beating somebody's ass. I'm going to beat your ass right now if you don't stop teasing me." I threatened and glared playfully at the girl. She just wiggled her perfectly sculptured eyebrows suggestively making me roll my eyes, already knowing her response.

"I'd like that, Mami." She husked out seductively, grazing her thumb against my cheek, smirking smugly as she did so. My cheeks heated up and I looked away as I slap her shoulder harshly making her wince at the contact. "Ouch! Hehe..." Lauren laughed while rubbing her shoulders.

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